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“Hancock” Review

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“Hancock” Review

Hancock[Dark Horizons]Several years ago when “Hancock” was in development under the title “Tonight He Comes“, the script was frequently lauded as one of the most innovative, edgy and original works to have come through the pipeline in a long time.It seems a real shame then that the resulting film takes an admittedly strong concept and runs it into the ground with a cumbersome, crude and simply asinine superhero vehicle for star Will Smith. Smith delivers the goods where needed with his usual charm, but even his few fun lines can’t salvage this patchy wreckage which – even with its brief 92 minute runtime – feels severely overwrought in some areas, yet wholly inadequate in others.

The story starts off with the super powered John Hancock stopping a gang of thieves but with little care for the property destruction he causes in the process. The disgruntled alcoholic – who seems to carry a bottle around everywhere yet rarely drinks from it – ends up saving the life of no-luck PR guy Ray (Jason Bateman) who decides to help Hancock remake his image. However Ray’s wife (Charlize Theron) has a notable problem with Hancock being around.


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