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THE CONGRESS Trippy, Meta Trailer

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THE CONGRESS Trippy, Meta Trailer

The Congress I’ve just shared the first trailer for James Franco’s As I Lay Dying, and Ari Folman’s intriguing sci-fi film The Congress has also debuted a trailer. Five years after his excellent animated doc Waltz With Bashir film, Israeli director is back on the Croisette with the follow-up in the vain of Charlie Kaufman films, but with animation that promises a head-spinning experience. In a loose adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s ‘The Futurological Congress’ from 1971, Robin Wright plays a version of herself who, at the fading end of an acting career, sells her likeness rights to a studio that scans her so that she may be digital replicated and manipulated forever. The film which also stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Danny Huston, Harvey Keitel, Paul Giamatti and other great actors will not only premiere at Cannes, but it’s also confirmed to be released over there on July 3rd, 2013. The Congress does not have a release date anywhere else yet. Check out the wild trailer below. Here’s a synopsis:
A loose adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s “The Futurological Congress,” a 1971 black humour science fiction detailing the exploits of the hero of a number of his books, Ijon Tichy, as he visits the Eighth World Futurological Congress at the Costa Rica Hilton. The book is Lem’s take on the common sci-fi trope of an apparently Utopian future that turns out to be an illusion.
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