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Danny Trejo to Star in Predators, Script Details Unveiled

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Danny Trejo to Star in Predators, Script Details Unveiled

Danny Trejo, Predators In a story from Punch Drunk Critics, Danny Trejo (From Dusk Till Dawn) has revealed that he will star in Nimrod Antal‘s forthcoming sci-fi action film “Predators.” Trejo has just wrapped production on “Machete,” the feature film based on the faux trailer that ran with “Grindhouse” and that Robert Rodriguez thought of making after an impressive demand from the fan community. He has also confirmed rumors of “Sin City 2,” saying that he has been approached for a part, but that his management is still negotiating with the movie studio. During their chat the actor stated:
“We’re doing Predators next.”
Check out the video… [youtube][/youtube] In addition, the folks over at Latino Review provided us with another one of their video script reviews. The website reveals that Trejo’s character is named “Cuchillo,” a member of an eight-person squad kidnapped by the Predators and transported to their homeworld. [quicktime][/quicktime] “Predators” is being produced by Robert Rodriguez‘s Troublemaker Studios for 20th Century Fox and will hit theaters July 7, 2010.
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