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FALLEN ANGEL Trailer, Poster and Photos

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FALLEN ANGEL Trailer, Poster and Photos

Fallen Angel The last time horror fans visited Serbia, we were left shaken by an experience we likely won’t ever forget. This year, we’re headed back over there with the found footage flick Fallen Angel (Pali Andjeo), which I’ve got a feeling won’t be quite as memorable… Written and directed by Marko Marinkovic, the movie follows a group of young artists who go to the theater to record their theater play. However, they remains locked in the building … Seeking out, they are happening some strange paranormal phenomena . In all of this confusion, appears a girl who leads them to the past, so-called flash back, and showing them terrible historical background of the building. They discover that the building is not just hunted, but there is another, more evil, so called Fallen Angel. He is the one who invented the game, dictated the rules and determined the one who will survive. Fallen Angel will be showing at the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film in Belgrade. Also, the movie was sent to another eight foreign festivals. A distribution company from England is interested for the movie, so director is waiting for their response. Fallen Angel Marko Marinkovic Fallen Angel fallen-angel_04 Fallen Angel Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Trailer

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