Fast & Furious 5: Fast Five Plot Synopsis, Cast & Release Date Revealed!

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Fast and Furious 5: Fast Five

Universal Pictures has released the official synopsis for the fifth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast Five.

The thriller is directed by returning helmer Justin Lin from a script by Chris Morgan (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Wanted, Fast & Furious). The cast includes Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Elsa Pataky, Joaquim de Almeida and Dwayne Johnson.

Here is the studio’s official plot synopsis for the film:

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead a reunion of returning all-stars from every chapter of the explosive franchise built on speed in Fast Five. In this installment, former cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) partners with ex-con Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) on the opposite side of the law. Dwayne Johnson joins returning favorites Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon and Don Omar for this ultimate high-stakes race.

Fast Five

Since Brian and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) broke Dom out of custody, they’ve blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom. As they assemble their elite team of top racers, the unlikely allies know their only shot of getting out for good means confronting the corrupt businessman who wants them dead. But he’s not the only one on their tail.

Hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) never misses his target. When he is assigned to track down Dom and Brian, he and his strike team launch an all-out assault to capture them. But as his men tear through Brazil, Hobbs learns he can’t separate the good guys from the bad. Now, he must rely on his instincts to corner his prey… before someone else runs them down first.

Fast Five (Fast and Furious 5 ) is set to hit theater on June 10th, 2011.

Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5)

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Comments (26)

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  • Manish Ahuja says:

    I possibly can’t wait for this movie. One of the very few movie franchisee which never disappoints.

  • Anonymous says:

    Han died in 4 now he’s back in 5. Love all of the movies so far with the except of Tokyo Drift..

  • Joseph H. says:

    Han didn’t die in 4, he died in tokyo drift and this is a prequel to tokyo drift and a sequel to Fast and Furious. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Angel says:

    I agree Han died in tokyo drift, however if Mia and Brian and busting Dom out of prison well Han would be dead…Fast and Furious was a prequel to Tokyo drift.Han left for Tokyo in the begining on Fast and Furious so wouldnt he have died during the storyline of Fast and Furious?

  • Justin says:

    It’s gonna be the most anticapated movie to come out. The Rock, Dom, and Brian Ah.. shit lol

  • Rocky says:

    Can’t wait for the rock to show upp

  • Hugo says:

    Han didn’t die during the storyline of Fast & Furious. When he died, Dominic Toretto is already living at Tokyo, so both Fast & Furious and Fast Five are prequels to Tokyo Drift. I don’t like the name of this movie, since in the current timeline of the events of all the movies of the franchise it isn’t number 5, actually is number 4, then comes Tokyo Drift as number 5. Bad Name for the movie!!

  • Mick says:

    The title could perhaps refer to 5 members of this “elite team of racers”, rather than saying it as part 5. I’m quite interested in watching this though, it’s one of the few full movie series I’ve bothered owning and one of the few I’ve watched through more than once.

    Granted I watched the first one alone roughly 900 times back in the day.

  • el six says:

    is the skyline and the supra coming back…i hope they do der f**** bad ass..cant wait for this movie to come out

  • john says:

    it is going to be the best movie since and tokyo sucked

  • Don says:

    I like Tokyo, mostly for the drifting. I could care less about the acting or the plot

  • haris says:

    i think that fast and furious 4 and fast five are set before tokyo drift

  • dan says:

    i dont no what you guys are talkin about they never said han died in tokyo drift or fast & furious. if he would of died they would have had a burriel like they did for letty. toyko drift would of been better with sone of the original cast but it was alright. cant wait til fast5 comes out.

    • Chris says:

      Considering Han got blown up in a car, i think he is dead. Plus at the end of Tokyo Drift, they make reference to him being “gone”.

  • gui-o-kara says:

    should be Fast and the Furious Challenge in Brazil
    this is a good name

  • suraj says:

    kuando e ke sai em portugal o fastfive ???

  • srinu says:

    i cant wait to see rock in this movie

  • Chris says:

    The Rock is far too predictable for this role (not even a good actor), for the auditions they must have just looked for the biggest muscles going. Another muscle bound roid boy, ill watch it for the cars, the women and the action, but it looks like a right sausage fest.

  • Chris says:

    Also the tag line “Feel the speed, Feel the rush” sounds like its come from Cool Runnings – “Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, its bobsled time”…

    The franchise is dying a death, hope they make it the last one.

  • BIGGY says:


  • mfed says:

    i hope they make a 6th one cause this is the best series yet

  • Kiana says:

    I begin to be serious about this series. Can someone help me please: I want to know what the titles are? I understand the last two are: Tokyo and Fast Five, right?

  • hahahha says:

    ex-condom torretto-+

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