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First BACHELORETTE Trailer and Poster Starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher

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First BACHELORETTE Trailer and Poster Starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher

Bachelorette Poster All the single ladies, all the single ladies… now put your hands up for the first trailer and poster for the upcoming Bachelorette movie which will finally open this fall! Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you all remember Leslye Headland‘s comedy which stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan and James Marsden, so let’s get straight to the point… With bridesmaids like this – there might not be a wedding, that’s exactly what this 2-minute trailer is all about. On one side we have an old friend’s wedding, and on the other side – three frisky bridesmaids who just want to have fun. But it’s not all about fun. Becky is ready to marry her handsome sweetheart, Dale, and the remaining members of her high school clique reunite for one last bachelorette bacchanal in the Big Apple. Dunst plays Regan, an overachieving, ueber-Maid of Honor who’s secretly smarting over the fact that she’s not the first to marry. Like that’s not enough we also have Caplan as Gena, a whip-smart sarcastic who’s actually a closet romantic, and Fisher as Katie, a ditzy beauty who loves the good life. But when Becky insists on keeping the bachelorette party tame, the women proceed with an after-hours celebration of their own. So as Fisher says at one moment – they’re actually having a bachelorette party without a bride. Crazy thing, you’ll agree… Anyway, the rest of the cast also includes Rebel Wilson, Hayes MacArthur and Adam Scott and the movie is set to open on September 7th, 2012. What do you think about the whole thing? Let us know, and stay tuned!
Bachelorette Poster

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