First Official “The Karate Kid” Photos: Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan

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The Karate Kid,  Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and  Jackie Chan as Mr. Han

People Magazine has published the first official photos from Will Smith-produced remake of “The Karate Kid“. It features Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han.

Dre is a skateboarding video game buff who moves to China after his single mother is forced to go there for work. Unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully. Mr. Han (Chan) is a maintenance man who spots his black-eye and offers to teach him both martial arts and Chinese, so he can defend against the students at the nearby school of kung-fu.

The Karate Kid Poster
The Karate Kid Poster

Talking to People, Jaden was quick to point out that his training for the film doesn’t just consist of painting fences or catching flies with chop sticks:

“I trained every day for four months with Master Wu [the film’s fight coordinator],” Jaden, 11, tells PEOPLE as he takes on his first leading role as an American boy named Dre Parker who moves to China. “We did a lot of stretching.”

Jaden mastered front kicks and upper blocks through his hard work ethic and dedication, says Chan

“He took the training very seriously. I was very impressed with him. He is professional as many adult actors who have been in the business for years.”

“The Karate Kid” is directed by Harald Zwart (The Pink Panther 2) and has already wrapped principal photography, part of which took place atop the Great Wall of China.

“The Karate Kid” will hit theaters on June 11th 2010.

The Karate Kid photo

The Karate Kid photo, Jaden Smith as Dre Parker

The Karate Kid,  Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and  Jackie Chan as Mr. Han
The Karate Kid,  Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and  Jackie Chan as Mr. Han

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  • gz says:

    Im sorry but an 11 year old ,3 ft tall black kid playing the role of Daniel from the original karate kid ?????? It was like an 17 year old tall italian kid (daniel russo ) ! Boy im sure Will smith just buthchered the karate kid because he wants his son to be popular .

    • nyh says:

      why do you think that he (jaden Smith) can’t play that role, cause he black? We are in a new world and everything should’t be about color. Your very Ignorant!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    it’s a REMAKE!!! this film has absolutely nothing to do with the original. His name isn’t Daniel, and this film takes place in China.

  • irwin says:

    I say it’s great that a martial arts movie for kids is coming out. I hope it sticks to martial arts, in a good form aspect. Go Jaden and make the martial art fans remember that a good martial art movies are still here.

  • Anonymous says:

    i like all the actors, but the kid is too scrawny… he’s just so small…

  • Anonymous says:

    In martial art movies, your size had nothing to do with it. Remember…? This will be a great film for the kids. Kids films are a great moral learning tool.

  • UNKNOWN says:

    Jaden got rippeed for this movie

  • hello mr. says:

    Who is the girl playing in the movie?!?!

  • Anonymous says:

    shut up

  • Anonymous says:

    They should’nt call this movie a remake if it has nothing to do with original, even the names are different! No Mr. Maigi, No Daniel son. Will there be wax on wax off? I think the movie looks pretty good but not a remake stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    This movie is what the original should have been.

  • Anonymous says:

    they shouldn’t call this a re-make. there is barely something in common with the original one(s). ralph macchio was about 21/22 filming the first karate kid, the 3rd one 26(!) and in all 3 movies is being explained deeper things about karate. jaden’s a nice boy, but 11 year old kids won’t care for the deeper meanings behind karate. if will did this to make his son popular he should have done something jaden can put his own name on instead of trying to overcome the then 21-year old macchio

  • Tayla (: says:

    i think gz is really ratchet Jaden;s perfect for the role , i think your jusd jealous ! &d i don’t think his Dad would of done anything to get him this roll he’s a good actor thads why he got it &d Anonymous i think if the producers didn’t want the scrawny , small boy the wouldn’t of chosen him &d are yu sure they’re suppose to be remaking this movie ? maybe they want it to be different ? x

  • skypilot703 says:

    I have seen the trailer and read blogs online. I really think this could be better or as good as the originals. I anticipate, it will be a box office hit. Jaden Smith seems serious. You have to acknowledge Jaden Smith is not your typical 10 yrs. old. He grows up in a family of actors and surrounded by performers. It’s the same idea as a child who grows up around kung fu practioners. This is about expectations. For the idiots who focussed on his age and race. I’d recommend you get a life.

  • Wolfgrrl says:

    For those of u people that think this is a stupid idea….KNOCK IT OFF!!! This kid is talented and I like the orginal 2 but that doesnt mean jaden smith isnt a good actor and cant pull off a remake. The orginal will always be the best but the remake will come to a close second. GO JADEN!!! I cant wait to see it

  • #1mjfan says:

    I dont know what most of u r talking about. This is the perfect role for Jaden. He didnt get this role because of his dad, he got it because he is a good actor. He worked super hard to play this role and u guys should give him a chance and stop judging him! Is it because hes black or because hes 11? Either one doesnt matter!

  • Tayla (: says:

    i think Jaden Smith is perfect for the role of this movie , he’s a good actor & he trained long & hard for this movie , just because he’s 11 it doesn’t make a difference! he’s a good actor! (:

  • hey jaden u look hot sexy cute in the movie karate kid the movie

  • em says:

    god im sick of everye complaining about this movie being a “stupid remake” and that hollywood has “no originality”. if you’re so upset go film a new frickin movie yourself!

    and i comend that tough 11 year old boy for doing the work that he did to make the movie. i think it’s awesome.

  • Deja says:

    I think Jaden is a great actor . The movie is going to be awesome . Some of you people need to
    stop juding him . He plays a great for being the main star in Karate kid.

  • lyn says:

    I like it better than the original. It has better moves and training and shows more action. Jaden obviously has taken it very seriously. I wish there’s a sequel.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think the movie was great and im 11 gettin ready to be 12 and jaden u can call me any rtime ur sexi great movie

  • Anonymous says:

    i think the movie was great and im 11 gettin ready to be 12 and jaden u can call me any rtime ur sexi great movie

  • mema says:

    i think it was a kick-ass movie. No deep in the story though, but heck, we watch movie to be entertained not to look for a deeper meaning, ayt? hehe..
    i think js is cute, like his dad.

  • goodopinion says:

    ok here we go many people have different opinions to this movie. My opinion is it that jaden acted really GOOD he made me feel as if i was part of the movie like when he was getting beat up and when he said i don’t like china and he wanted to go home and that expressed ALOT i felt as if i moved to a new place and i miss usa and yah………………………
    TO HATERS: ok you cant say someone is bad actor because of his/her color, age, look, or voice that doesn’t matter AT ALL!!! The only thing you can say is that the movie was different from the original but you cant say jaden is a bad actor because he doesnt look like the old karate kid i think jaden did a very good job and jaden smith took LOT’S of time from his life to contribute to this movie. jaden smith broke his leg during this movie but he got up and started acting again and thats amazing from a person his age i bet i broke my leg i would just lay down and keep crying if that happened to me. And who knows why will smith picked jaden maybe cause he thought jaden could reach his expectation??? and guess he did……………….

  • bunny says:

    jaden is so cute in this movie

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow- such an inspiring movie!! I loved it, can’t wait to watch it again

  • tryston says:

    one day he gonna be older than jakie chan then he gonna try to do that high kick and he gonna split his balls open just kidding hes pritty good

  • mike says:

    i saw this movie and it was amazing i did miss some parts from the origanal but they also added alot of new things i liked more. i also think Jaden did an amazing job. i wish it was out on dvd so i could watch it over and over.

  • cierra says:

    jaden u r the cutest boy i have ever seen in my hole life u have such a cute voice when u sang with jb ur braces r so cute

  • Anonymous says:

    anomyas whatever I dont care you need to shut……

  • Anonymous says:

    im with u goodopinoin

  • Dynasty says:

    I LOVE YOU JADEN SMITH!!!!!!!!x1000000000,00000000!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Jaden is realy ripped and cute and in the picture when his doing that high kick you can see a clear bulge in his pants. I’m 12 so call me

  • nikki says:

    i dont want to be perverted or nottin’ but does anyone see his pants when he is doing the high kick. ewwwwwww kinda grosss^^/

  • walter says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! jaden I wish u were my bruther I luk just lik u honest u did so good in that movie and 4 all u people that cridisize him I hope god deals wit u bcuz jaden iz a handsome ,gifted ,talented person luv u lyk a brutha jayden call me @ 951 323 7121

  • abinaya lokeshwar says:

    I wish i would see you once in my life’jaden smith’…

  • Anonymous says:

    i wish one day i could meet jaden but i kno its not goin to happen but whateva ….. i luv his movie it waz gud i cant wait till it comes out on dvd first one to buy it lol …

  • omg!jaden euu realie are a g0od actor.
    ily jaden.4eva.i wish euu will act in m0re t0uchin m0vies like karathe kid.karathe kid was realie made miie cry.

  • Lauryn Field says:

    I think Jaden Smith is HOT!

  • aundraya says:

    oka yall need to stp sayin shyt becuz he acted really good in this and thatz why ihts a remake ihtz different than the others and he did good for a 11 year old and he’s a cutie they did the right choice in choosing him! he acted great dnt hate cuz he black and he did iht beter than the italian daniel!! fukk

  • Mark says:

    sum ppl shud lern tu rite propa.

  • raul says:

    Is very good the movie

  • april says:

    jaden ur so cute i luv u soooo much <3 u wer gr8t in karate kid :)

  • naansi says:

    het is echt wel een leuke film :p

  • kidist says:

    u r just like ur….lovely!!!!!!!

  • matthew pilkington says:

    hi hi cooooooool film that was brilliant call 07501001128 love to do a film with ya. :)

  • iana garcia says:

    ilove jaden smith.. ahe! he’s so cute and adorable. :)) i always repeated his movie again and again :)

  • iana garcia says:

    those people who hates jaden, your just insecure with him :)

  • Anonymous says:

    u know u have to see the movie before we criticize. it is such a good movie! very well done..cinematography, sounds…the fights were more realistic…as if u can feel it. it is better than the original.
    what’s more, u come out from it with full satisfaction.
    it gave moral lessons and values, just like Spiderman 2 or 3? i forgot. it is a great movie!

  • kennedy says:

    um hi im 10 and jaden smith is HOT!! i wish i knew him so he could be my boyfriend…-sigh- i wish i had him

  • sophie cope says:

    omg i am in luv wit jaden smith sooooo much!!

  • zannath says:

    i like JADEN SMITH a lot hes so cute and cool i really love him a lot he was so awesome in the movie.i like his smile and his style

  • zannath says:


  • zannath says:

    i really love your dance.and i have no words to describe you because your so sweet and i really like to come and meet you. LOVE YOU JADEN SMITH

  • Anonymous says:

    even if everyone can act a lot, no child can play as good as Jaden had. He is about 11, but he played it very well. He is very talented

  • u r so hot jaden i love u lot says:

    I love u so much hope we get to be together and make love.

  • Anonymous says:

    love u j riea barbados

  • Luke McIntosh says:

    Hi I’m Luke I went to see Karate Kid and I thought it was awesome. Since it was filmed in China I think it should be called The Kung Fu Kid. That’s all it was a great movie piece out

    Take off your jacket

  • keke says:

    u are so kute i love u so much

  • Anonymous says:

    a film is coll a karate kid

  • krazychick:) says:

    i’ve seen thiss movie 5 times noww && it neverr getss oldd:D & Will smith didn’t put him in dahh moviee juss so he kann become popular! He askedd him if he wantedd to do dahh moviee & Jaden agreed! He did a really GREAT job!! & he is a great actor too!!! i recommend watchingg it!;D

  • Anonymous says:

    love you

  • Anonymous says:

    you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    i love you jaden smith. you are socute

  • Anonymous says:

    i love you jaden are so cute.a the karate kid is so cool.and he are cool boy.

  • Anonymous says:

    im like this movie very much………………… also loving uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………..all the best!!!!!!

  • tessa says:

    i think Jaden Smith is h-o-t hot wit a capital H

  • fatouma says:

    jaden t beaux cannon .

  • crissy(: says:

    I <3 jaden smith i wish that i could meet him one day

  • sugi says:


  • Anonymous says:

    JADEN SMITH U R SO CUTE 4 THS MOVIE I LUV U……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….SMITH

  • viveksuganya says:

    jaden u r so cute da chlm………..luv u jaden

  • jhfvtybgyu says:

    jaden asked me out should i say yes i mean he is famous all i want is his money KK.

  • Sarah says:

    Jaden Smith is so adorable and he is such a cutie, I like him sooo much and also m 11yr old…Jaden, I like you!

  • Ferry fans jaden smith says:

    I am very amazed with your karate in the movie karate kid
    I really love it, the greatness you away!!!
    Good very Like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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