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KICK-ASS 2: 10 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Footage, 2 New Clips & Over 10 New Images

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KICK-ASS 2: 10 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Footage, 2 New Clips & Over 10 New Images

KICK-ASS 2 Hey Kick-Ass fans, check this out! We have two new clips (with The Mother Fucker!), over 10 new stills and an awesome (10 minutes long!) behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 movie! And you already know what that means: lots of new footage and another look at our favourite costumed high-school hero and Hit Girl. Head inside to see some crazy action! [youtube][/youtube] We will once again remind you that beside Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kick-Ass, and Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, the rest of Kick-Ass 2 cast includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Carrey, Morris Chestnut, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison and the Jeff Wadlow-directed superhero movie is set to open on August 16th, 2013.
To take a better look at this awesome cast – all you have to do is click on all these new images, and just in case you’ve missed our previous reports, we definitely recommend you to find the latest extended red band trailer, another clip, TV spot and some pretty cool posters for the movie.
In the highly anticipated sequel to 2010’s movie, Kick-Ass joins with a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume. Hit-Girl retires and tries to have a normal life as a schoolgirl, while the Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick-Ass knows. Hey, but don’t forget: they’re a team of superheroes now, and if you mess with one member – you mess with them all! Sounds (and looks) fun, hope you agree? KICK-ASS 2 Image 09 KICK-ASS 2 Image 08 Kick-Ass 2 Image 07 KICK-ASS 2 Image 06 KICK-ASS 2 Image 04 KICK-ASS 2 Image 02 KICK-ASS 2 Image 01 KICK-ASS 2 Image 05KICK-ASS 2 Image 03 KICK-ASS 2 Image 10KICK-ASS 2 Image 11 KICK-ASS 2 Image 12 KICK-ASS 2 Image 13
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