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KINGDOM COME: First Pics & Poster

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KINGDOM COME: First Pics & Poster

KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come is one of those horror movies that you just have to be excited about. First of all, because Devil Seed helmer Greg A. Sager stands behind the whole thing, and then ’cause the official synopsis part definitely sounds promising. Head inside to read more details and check out the first promo pics & poster for the movie. KINGDOM COME Image 09 Directed by Greg A. Sager, the movie revolves around a group of strangers wake up in an abandoned hospital, unaware of how they got there, and begin to run into each other… KINGDOM COME Image 06 As they explore the cold, dark maze of corridors they realize they are not alone and that they are being stalked by supernatural forces with sinister intentions. KINGDOM COME Image 07
For Sam and Jessica keeping Celia, the youngest member safe proves to be just as difficult as keeping the group together as hostilities grow between them. Everyone begins to question each others motives as secrets linking their pasts are revealed and that someone within the group is not who they say they are. One by one they begin to disappear, all that is left behind to be found by the others is the devastation and carnage of their demise. As everything and everyone unravels they start to understand that all the windows that have been boarded up from the inside is not so much to keep them in, but keep whatever evil lurks outside…out. In this place nothing is as it seems and the decisions they make here will seal their fate forever.
KINGDOM COME Image 08 Kingdom Come cast includes Ry Barrett, Camille Hollett-French, Ellie O’Brien, Katie Uhlmann, JoJo Karume, Chelsey Marie, William Foley and Jason Martorino, and the movie is currently set to open on March 17th, 2014. Make sure you click on all these images & poster to enlarge and let us know what you think! KINGDOM COME Image 05 KINGDOM COME Image 04 KINGDOM COME Image 03 KINGDOM COME Image 02 KINGDOM COME Image 01 KINGDOM COME Poster
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