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Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson Joined Sci-Fi Comedy-Drama SPACE STATION 76

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Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson Joined Sci-Fi Comedy-Drama SPACE STATION 76

LivTyler - Patrick Wilson Shooting of the new sci-fi dramedy Space Station 76 didn’t take long and actor and playwright Jack Plotnick (Wrong) recently announced cast and plot details of his completed directorial debut. The Ledge duo Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler have joined Matt Bomer, with Marisa Coughlan, Jerry O’Connell, Kali Rocha and child actress Kylie Rogers. Wilson plays the unhappy and suicidal captain of the ship, while Tyler stars as an assistant captain on a space ship in a Seventies-style version of the future, which follows the crew of a space station. Magic Mike star Bomer taking on a supporting role as a ‘technician with a robotic hand who is married to a manipulative woman, played by Coughlan. First-time director Plotnick wanted to use the situation as a metaphor for his ‘70s childhood:
People think that the 1970s were about the discos and the free love, but in the suburbs you were left feeling, ‘Where’s the party? So the emotional story is what I felt in the ’70s. My parents weren’t happy together and they stuck it out for the kids. It’s an homage to them. And in one way, I think we’re like these solitary ships in space trying to connect.
Plotnick is actually plowing through post-production in order to get the movie out next year. Jack Plotnick Star as Dolph in WRONG Source: THR
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