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Melissa Rosenberg to Write Highlander Remake

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Melissa Rosenberg to Write Highlander Remake

Melissa Rosenberg

Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg will take over Summit’s Highlander script, and that’s the big news for today! Surprise or not, but a remake of the 1986 classic (with Christopher Lambert in the leading role), which Summit announced almost three years ago, is now in her hands.. Justin Lin is on board to direct the film, while Neal Mortiz is in charge for producing the remake alongside Peter Davis, who produced the original. So, they make great team after all. Guys from Summit previously described their take on Highlander this way: “Summit’s film will expand on the original Highlander’s core mythology of immortals battling amongst us, hunting each other through the ages by tapping its newly minted creative team to take its re-imagination to new heights. Plans call for the re-imagination to spur a new franchise for the studio.” Let us remind you that the most recent draft of the script was written by The Wibberley’s (National Treasure), although even Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway were previously attached to the project. So, now, we have no idea what Rosenberg is up to, but as usual, we’ll keep an eye on this remake. There’s no release date set for the Highlander remake yet, but it’s presumed to be Lin’s next film.


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