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Anna Karenina

You can’t ask why about love… An interesting love tagline from this completely new poster for Anna Karenina movie, which comes from director Joe Wright, and stars Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson.

As you already know, the movie is set to open this November, and I guess we’re all excited about it, right? Ok then, check out the rest of this report for a bigger version of this poster, and enjoy!

What I definitely love about Wright’s adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, is that everything looks so classy. I swear guys, for a second I had a feeling that I’m in the 19th-century Russia. And just take a look at that gorgeous red dress!

Knightley definitely looks awesome. But of course she does, after all – she’s Anna Karenina in this epic love story which unfolds in its original late-19th-century Russia high-society setting and powerfully explores the capacity for love that surges through the human heart, from the passion between adulterers to the bond between a mother and her children.

Anna Karenina is already set to open on November 16th, 2012.

Share your thoughts about this movie below, and stay tuned for more!

Anna Karenina Poster

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