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NIGHT MOVES Reveals First Clip With Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning

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NIGHT MOVES Reveals First Clip With Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning

NIGHT MOVES A few days ago we shared some pretty dark images and poster for Kelly Reichardt‘s eco-drama Night Moves, which stars Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard in the leading roles. Today, we’re back to add the very first clip from the movie that premiered at this year’s Venice International Film Festival and is also scheduled to be shown at the upcoming TIFF. Head inside to take a look… So, as we previously reported, Reichardt directed the whole thing from her own script which centers on three environmentalists who plot to blow up a dam. Eisenberg plays the ringleader of the group named Josh, Sarsgaard is on board as the mastermind behind the bomb aka a guy named Harmon, while Fanning stars as a rich girl named Dena, who funds their plan. [jwplayer mediaid=”169347″] In case you forgot the official synopsis:
The film follows three clandestine activists scheming to blow up a dam — and the ways their lives unravel in the aftermath. Josh, Dena and Harmon are meant to perform their act of eco-terror and then go their separate ways. But when the full results of their actions come to light, a clean getaway may prove more elusive than they’d anticipated…
Beside the above mentioned trio, the rest of Night Moves cast includes Alia Shawkat, James LeGros, Katherine Waterston and Nate Mooney. So, any thoughts about the clip? Let us know what you think & stay tuned for more updates! Night Moves Poster
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