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First (Official) Look At Mike Flanagan’s Horror Movie OCULUS

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First (Official) Look At Mike Flanagan’s Horror Movie OCULUS

OCULUS Oculus, aka spine-chilling supernatural movie from director Mike Flanagan, will have it’s world premiere at this year’s TIFF (which runs from September 5 to 15). As usual, we’re here to share some horror madness with you, and add four new images to our little gallery. Head inside to take a better look at Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites who will lead us through this pretty weird story… OCULUS Image 01 Flanagan directed the whole thing from a script he co-wrote with Jeff Howard, which revolves around two damaged siblings (played by the above mentioned duo) who, as children, witnessed their parents’ harrowing descent into madness and murder. Years after the mysterious deaths of their parents, a traumatized brother and sister find the cause of their family tragedy: a cursed mirror whose 300-year history has left a bloody trail of destruction in its wake. OCULUS Image 02 Or, if you prefer the official plot:
Oculus centers on a murder that left two children orphans with authorities charging the brother while his sister believed that the true culprit was a haunted antique mirror. Now completely rehabilitated and in his twenties, the brother is ready to move on but his sister is determined to prove that the haunted mirror was responsible for destroying their family.
Beside Gillan and Thwaites, the rest of Oculus cast includes Katee Sackhoff, James Lafferty and Rory Cochrane. Hope we’ll soon have some clip (or trailer) to share, make sure you stay tuned! OCULUS Image 03
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