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Predators Review

Predators Wallpaper Predators featured an exemplary who’s who of walking clichés under Dutch’s command which lent itself to the film’s charm and magnetism. Likewise, Predators features a similar though less memorable collection of fleshy fodder for the intergalactic hunters to track down and pick off. There’s Robert Rodriquez favorite Danny Trejo playing a mirror image of himself; Adrien Brody as surly tough guy loner who channels Christian Bale’s Batman voice and his beefed up body; Walter Goggins as a motor mouth serial killer coward; Lawrence Fishburne as the guy with a trippy sanity; Oleg Taktarov as the mild-mannered big gun; Louis Changchien as the silent assassin; Alice Braga as the Latino macho warrior; Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as the clueless guy most likely to die quickly; and Topher Grace as the sniveling dweeb with questionable loyalties…read more [TheHDRoom] Predators photo Antal’s Predators stays true to the original. One by one we lose members in a host of gruesome ways, until the hero covers himself in mud and shouts, “Do it now! Kill me!” Strangely, for a film with such reverence to its origins, it lacks a very key component: fun. Predators is a well-crafted film, but it is joyless. I fault the plodding and obvious dialogue and I fault the casting of Adrien Brody. I think Brody has given terrific performances (indeed, one can be found from just a few weeks back in Splice) but he does not fit here. Alice Braga delivers the line “where’s the tough guy?” and it really took me a minute to realize she was talking about him, not Danny Trejo or one of the other muscle-heads on screen. When one compares Brody’s flat, by-the-numbers killing machine with the over-the-top charisma of Governor Schwarzenegger, it makes you yearn to be in that other movie…read more [UGO] Predators photo Directed by Nimród Antal, Predators is clearly orchestrated by Robert Rodriguez, who gets an above-the-title credit for bringing you this craptastic example of high-concept B-movie excess. It never pretends to be anything more than it is: a 2010 reboot of the original with twice the slime, splatter, special effects and swearing and worth every penny for popcorn-munching moviegoers who want to indulge in some outer space horror excess. The Ship of Fools-style cast finds themselves dropped from the sky into a remote jungle after being plucked from their former lives. Armed to the teeth with gigantic laserscope rifles, Samurai swords and knives the size of French baguettes, they seem to have nothing in common but their facility for killing. Bad asses all, they include soldiers of fortune, a convict, Yazuka gang member and a Mexican drug cartel enforcer. The odd man out is a nerdy doctor named Edwin (Topher Grace), but he has his uses eventually…read more [The Star]

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A disparate group of strangers suddenly find themselves marooned at a mysterious, deceptively beautiful location. Is this all a coincidence? Is there some larger force at work?“We’re all dead,” one guesses. “Hell,” another suggests. A “Lost” rerun, I think. Well, no. We’re all wrong. Where we are is at the beginning of a brand-new “Predator” movie that stands as both a sequel in the sci-fi series, and a stand-alone action picture. And it’s silly, bloody fun. The 1987 original started out like a rumble-in-the-jungle actioner, with two future governors — Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse “The Body” Ventura — on a secret mission in Latin America…read more [] Antal’s direction is ferocious but measured. It never gets too silly and the set-pieces are inventive and tense. An early one pits the characters against a gauntlet of booby-traps then some alien-dog-type things show up. One particular set-piece, towards the end, features a samurai showdown between a Yakuza and a predator under a moonlit sky. Truly exquisite stuff. Although Predators can be accused of suffering from much of the same as other Hollywood fare – it’s either a sequel or a remake these days – it delivers all an audience could wish for. For once it’s a blockbuster that will not disappoint. Offering adventure and thrills over by-the-numbers laziness…read more [FilmShaft] Gradually, the characters give us a few helpful hints, and the wonderfully steely Braga, playing a Latin American guerrilla, rehashes the plot of “Predator,’’ that 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit to which this movie is a kind of alternative sequel to the installments that followed. Her recitation sounds like combat lore. But, again, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t this show just end two months ago? Yes, “Predators,’’ with its tropical mystery; sweaty, confused cast; and no exit, is “Lost,’’ on the one hand. On another, it’s also “Saw III.’’ And on yet another — work with me, people; have you seen the creatures doing the hunting here? — it becomes “Rambo,’’ “Aliens,’’ and “Avatar.’’ Crucially, however, it’s a little bit Jean-Paul Sartre, as well: Hell is other people — and the monsters chasing you down…read more [] Predators Wallpaper “Predators” may be the first film in history to open with a deus ex machina. Yes, the entire plot and all the human characters drop into the movie from the heavens. The last thing they remember is a blinding flash of light. Now they’re in free fall, tumbling toward the surface, screaming, grabbing for ripcords on the parachutes that they didn’t know they had. The first to land, with a mighty thump, is Royce (Adrien Brody). The others start dropping all around him. These people are savage professional killers from all over: a mercenary, a Japanese samurai, an Israeli markswoman, a mass murderer, an African warlord, and so on. How did they get in this thick jungle, and why?…read more [Roger Ebert]

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The opening scene, in which Adrien Brody wakes up and races to deploy his parachute before becoming an Adrien Brody pancake. The way Antal makes his intentions crystal clear with a single song in his end credits. Exploding bodies, jungle booby traps, Predator dogs, the Predator vs. samurai showdown, and Predator-on-Predator violence. The strangely coincidental comparisons to Lost that pop up (characters wake up in the jungle, wonder if they’re in Purgatory, and band together against an unknown enemy that seems to disappear into thin air). The fact that Hemingway quotes and rape jokes exist in the same movie to provide insights on human nature, the sheer audaciousness of which makes me love this gleefully macabre throwback action pic even harder. What are you waiting for, guys? Bring on Predators 2: Prey Harder!…read more []

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