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Locked In Insanity: New Bloody Poster For SANITARIUM

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Locked In Insanity: New Bloody Poster For SANITARIUM

SANITARIUM As you already saw from the first red band trailer for Sanitariuminsanity is a disease that spreads like wildfire! Three patients, three stories, and Malcolm McDowell as (probably the craziest) sinister Dr. Stenson, who will lead us through each chilling story. Yep, that’s exactly what this psychological horror anthology is all about, head inside to find the latest poster & get locked in insanityDirected by Bryan Ramirez, Kerry Valderrama and Bryan Ortiz, the movie consists of three segments based on the particular patients of a mental institution and explores the tales which led to their crazed states of minds.
It’s a a thrilling anthology film that tells the story of several patients and how they ended up at the Sanitarium under the care of Dr. Stenson (the primary physician at the Sanitarium). Each story will dive into the sad story of each patient and the horrors that plague their life, the demons that brought them to the home of Dr. Stenson.
Beside great McDowell, the rest of Sanitarium cast includes Lou Diamond Phillips, John Glover, Robert Englund, David Mazouz, Lacey Chabert, and Chris Mulkey. Sanitarium had it’s world premiere this March at the Miami Film Festival, and (I think) it’s still without an official release date. But as usual – you have nothing to worry about ’cause with every new update – will be back. In the meanwhile click on the poster to enlarge & stay tuned! SANITARIUM Poster
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