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STAR WARS EPISODE VII: David Fincher Latest Name In The Mix To Direct

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STAR WARS EPISODE VII: David Fincher Latest Name In The Mix To Direct

Favreau-Fincher-Star Wars Deadline‘s Mike Fleming finally gets out of the curse to name some contenders he’s hearing are in the race to direct one of the upcoming Star Wars films. Therefore, he said:
As much as I’ve heard the Vaughn rumor, I’ve also heard Jon Favreau is panting after this job, and even that David Fincher, who apparently worked for Lucas’s ILM in a menial job as a teen, might be game for one of these new films.
We have already learned that Favreau  expressed interest in the job at some point, but he never actually said anything outright, and Fincher’s engagement might be simply an expression of the mistaken belief due to his involvement with Return of the Jedi as an assistant camera man. Playlist’s commentary adds to this:
We first heard about (Fincher) from our sources not long after the new Star Wars trilogy was announced, but we never reported it because it’s been very up in the air and not quite concrete.
One thing is sure, Michael Arndt is currently busy writing the screenplay based on treatments and notes from George Lucas. But new LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy said in a recent interview that they were looking at people they have worked with before for the Episode VII job. As I mentioned above, in his early days Fincher contributed to the effects for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. However, asked how many people knew about Episode VII, Disney’s chairman Alan Horn told Vulture:
Not many. It was a very small group. Probably a smaller group than knew about the attack on bin Laden!
Wow! Disney is said to be planning a new film every 2-3 years and Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have also signed on to write either Episode VIII and IX or spinoff films that will involve characters from the upcoming sequel. The official announcement is expected soon. Mayday, mayday! Star Wars-Universe
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