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THE COLONY: New Poster & Images With Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers and Bill Paxton

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THE COLONY: New Poster & Images With Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers and Bill Paxton

THE COLONY Hope you’re ready for another post-apocalyptic action-packed thriller, ’cause some pretty cool images and a brand new poster for The Colony have arrived! As you’re about to see, this time we have a much, much better look at those two leaders (of underground bunkers) Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, but the rest of the cast looks pretty cool (literally). Head inside to check them all out! THE COLONY Image 01 THE COLONY Image 02 THE COLONY Image 03 THE COLONY Image 04 We already shared the first official trailer for the Jeff Renfroe-directed film, so I’m sure you know that the story is set during the next ice age, and revolves around an outpost of colonists who struggle to survive below the world’s frozen surface. THE COLONY Image 05 THE COLONY Image 06 THE COLONY Image 07 THE COLONY Image 08 Fishburne plays Briggs and Paxton stars as Mason – the leaders of one underground bunker – Colony 7, and their challenges are controlling disease and producing sufficient food. Short on supplies, and plagued by illness and internal conflict, the colonists suspect the worst when they mysteriously lose contact with their only other known settlement, Colony 5. THE COLONY Image 09 THE COLONY Image 10 THE COLONY Image 11 THE COLONY Image 12 Here’s the rest of the story:
When Briggs decides to lead an expedition to discover what happened, he is challenged by Mason, his former comrade-in-arms, who has his own ideas of what is best for the colonists. Briggs takes two volunteers on the mission, the young Graydon, and Sam, a strong-willed mechanic who seizes the opportunity to confront the icy wasteland that orphaned him. When they reach their destination, the team discover a threat much worse than nature and must battle to save themselves and protect their fellow colonists in what might be humanity’s last stand.
THE COLONY Image 14 THE COLONY Image 15 Also starring Kevin Zegers as Sam, and Charlotte Sullivan as Kai, The Colony is set to hit limited theaters on August 23rd, 2013. As usual – click on all these images to take a much better look at the above mentioned cast, and make sure you stay tuned for more sci-fi horror updates! THE COLONY Image 16 THE COLONY Image 17 THE COLONY Image 13 THE COLONY Poster

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