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The First Trailer for Ken Scott’s Comedy STARBUCK

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The First Trailer for Ken Scott’s Comedy STARBUCK

Starbuck Movie Already slated for a DreamWorks remake, starring Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt and Britt Robertson, a trailer for the next year’s US release of the original movie  has finally arrived. I’ve already told you the first Starbuck director Ken Scott would also write and direct the English-language remake with shooting scheduled to start before the year’s end. Getting back to the original we can see the crowd-pleasing comedy which explores various meanings of fatherhood in the modern age, starring Patrick Huard, Julie Le Breton, Antoine Bertrand and Dominic Philie. Sadly, I know that the film’s language may scare off many moviegoers, but if you get the chance, see this one before a 2013-scheduled star vehicle for Vince Vaughn. Finally, the fourth annual Milwaukee Film Festival opened Thursday night with a French-Canadian Starbuck. Therefore, check out the first trailer to see why it’s already being remade. Synopsis:
Co-written and directed by Ken Scott, who penned the screenplay with Martin Petit, Starbuck stars Patrick Huard as David Wosniak, a 42-year old lovable but perpetual screw up who finally decides to take control of his life. A habitual sperm donor in his youth, he discovers that he’s the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are trying to force the fertility clinic to reveal the true identity of the prolific donor code-named Starbuck. Produced by Andre Rouleau, the film also stars Julie Le Breton, as David’s long suffering girlfriend who suddenly finds herself pregnant and understandably reluctant to share parenthood with the unreliable David, and Antoine Bertrand, David’s longtime friend, Paul, an attorney who takes on his case while trying to disabuse him of the joys of parenthood.
Starbuck Movie Poster Source: The Film Stage
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