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The Hangover Interview


The Hangover Interview

The Hangover Rule 1

The Hangover” is a comedy about a bachelor party in Las Vegas that loses the groom. The morning after their night of debauchery, they have to reconstruct their party to locate their missing friend…

Our friends over at ScreenJunkies have 10 rules how to survive “The Hangover”. Actually that’s an interview with stars of the movie Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Heather Graham and with director Todd Phillips.

Ed Helms: “I guess my character, Stu, is kind of a nervous nelly, rule follower of the group.
I can’t imagine why Todd [Phillips] thought I would be right for that part other than the fact that I’ve known Todd for sometime and I’m kind of a nervous nelly rule follower person in real life. So maybe that had something to do with it.”

Zach Galifianakis: “I play a character, Alan, who’s a well intentioned moron who is kind of trapped in adolescence. He wants friends but can’t get any really, can’t get adult friends.  I didn’t think that I could play it. The reason, it’s easy to play. When a role seems fun it’s easy to play. It kind of comes organically.”

Bradley Cooper: I play Phil who’s an English school teacher for boys and he’s a father. He’s kind of the guy whose bark is a lot bigger than his bite. He talks a big game, going to Vegas and that he’s going to get crazy and he loves sort of reliving whatever it is that he doesn’t live in his home life. It’s like a lot of fathers who talk a big game, but really they love their family and they’re actually good guys. He’s sort of the problem solver. There’s nothing that he can’t solve and tries to hold it together even when there’s nothing to hold together. I just sort of trusted Todd [Phillips] because I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can pull this off.’ But then about two weeks into it I started to get comfortable and I realized that I was figuring it out. But I’m glad that he thought I should do it because I probably wouldn’t have thought that I could do it.”

Heather Graham: I tried to personalize it more as a hippy stripper, with a New Age/spiritual attitude about sexuality, because the night before we had this true connection and even if he doesn’t remember, I still believe it was true. It’s like a lot of girls fall in love with the guy, but the guy doesn’t necessarily feel the same. But the girl is like, ‘I know it’s there.’ So, I kind of thought of it that way. Like I believe in it.

Todd Phillips: I have been a huge fan of Zach’s for a long time. He’s done standup in LA forever, and people that know standup in LA, he’s one of the top names and he has such a specific style and I always thought to myself, “How could we make this guy work in a movie? How can you take that and just make it work?” So I have been looking for something for Zach for a long time. Then you want people to come from a different place, comedically. Zach and Ed are super funny that they couldn’t be more far apart in the spectrum in terms of what they do. Bradley, I have been a fan of since Wedding Crashers, and I’m friends with David Dobkin, the director, and I remember that when were casting this, we were just talking about actors and his name came up. David was like, “Man, this guy, I’m telling you, he’s poised, he’s good-looking, he’s super funny and he gets it.” So we met and talked about it and went from there. have the rest of the rules. Check them out.

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