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Theatrical Trailer & International Poster For MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!

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Theatrical Trailer & International Poster For MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Everyone should see this movie? There you go, a little message from the latest poster for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming Much Ado About Nothing movie, which is set to open this June. In addition to that pretty cool poster, we have another (theatrical) trailer for the whole thing, and we definitely recommend you to check out this modern version of Shakespeare’s classic comedy. Both written and directed by Whedon, the movie is filmed in just 12 days entirely on location in exotic Santa Monica in glorious black and white by Jay Hunter. The whole thing revolves around Beatrice, played by Amy Acker and Benedick, played by Alexis Denisof, the world’s least likely lovers headed for their inevitable tumble into love.
Leonato, the governor of Messina, is visited by his friend Don Pedro who is returning from a victorious campaign against his rebellious brother Don John. Accompanying Don Pedro are two of his officers: Benedick and Claudio. While in Messina, Claudio falls for Leonato’s daughter Hero, while Benedick verbally spars with Beatrice, the governor’s niece. The budding love between Claudio and Hero prompts Don Pedro to arrange with Leonato for a marriage. In the days leading up to the ceremony, Don Pedro, with the help of Leonato, Claudio and Hero, attempts to sport with Benedick and Beatrice in an effort to trick the two into falling in love. Meanwhile, the villainous Don John, with the help of his allies: Conrade and Borachio, plots against the happy couple, using his own form of trickery to try to destroy the marriage before it begins. A series of comic and tragic events continue to keep the two couples from truly finding happiness, but then again perhaps love may prevail.
Beside Acker and Denisof, Much Ado About Nothing also stars Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Reed Diamond, and as we said – the movie is set to hit limited theaters on June 7th, 2013. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING International Poster
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