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Tommy Lee Jones To Write/Direct Remake Of John Wayne’s THE COWBOYS

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Tommy Lee Jones To Write/Direct Remake Of John Wayne’s THE COWBOYS

Tommy Lee Jones-John Wayne-Cowboys Tommy Lee Jones is eager to get behind the camera and is heading out West again to remake Mark Rydell’s 1972 movie The Cowboys, which starred John Wayne. After The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Jones is set to return to the western genre for a second big-screen directing gig, updating one of The Duke’s most beloved films. Wayne, who would’ve turned 105 on May 26th, said about his role,
In this one, I play a 60-year-old rancher with eleven kids under my wing and I try to get all through a cattle drive.
The original also starred Bruce Dern and followed a rancher who is forced to assemble a group of novice ranch hands for a 400 mile cattle drive. Warner Bros. is on board to develop the remake, with Donald De Line (Pain & Gain) stepping in as producer. Jones showed perfect western sensibilities in The Missing, No Country for Old Men and even films like The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals. Let’s see what he has in his pockets now and who he gets to update Dern’s villain. Jones will soon be seen alongside Robert De Niro in The Family, and he also wrote, directed and stars in the upcoming The Homesman. Check out the ridiculously long original film’s trailer. [jwplayer mediaid=”171129″]
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