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Trust Me First Clip

Trust Me-Clip-Clark Gregg Here’s the first clip for Trust Me, which Clark Gregg is prep to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. Gregg is well known as Agent Phil Coulson from Marvel films, but he’s also been busy working on his own sophomore directorial effort titled Trust Me. A dark comedy penned by Gregg as well , co-stars Sam Rockwell, Amanda Peet, Allison Janney, 13 year-old newcomer, Saxon Sharbino and Felicity Huffman alongside Gregg himself. As filmmaker said in a recent interview the film is ‘about love, death and the all consuming drive for stardom as seen through the eyes of Howard Holloway, agent for child actors. It’s funnier than it sounds, more emotional than you’d expect and it’s not really about the movie business at all.’ Trust Me debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20th, 2013. Hit the jump t to check out the first clip.
  Here’s the synopsis:
A struggling agent for child actors and former child star himself, Howard Holloway spends years losing his most talented clients to his slick, arch-nemesis Aldo Shocklee. Until the day that Howard encounters the brilliant and unsigned 13 year-old Lydia who is on the brink of securing the lead in a new Twilight-style franchise. Howard tries desperately to close the deal of a lifetime and make his precocious young client a star while managing her drunk, volatile father, Aldo’s relentless poaching attempts, and the hostile machinations of the project’s casting director and mega producer, who both despise him. But the closer he gets to achieving the Hollywood score he has chased all his life, the more he develops a growing suspicion that his innocent young starlet may not be at all what she seems.
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