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Two Lovers Trailer, Poster, Synopsis

Cannes Film Festival

Two Lovers Trailer, Poster, Synopsis

Two Lovers

Trailer for the romance/drama “Two Lovers,” premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2008, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw, has been released. Check out also the French poster for the movie.

“Two Lovers” is a romantic drama set in New York City. It tells the story of Leonard, an attractive but depressed young man who moves back in with his parents following a recent heartbreak. An aspiring photographer, Leonard works part-time at his father’s dry-cleaners. His concerned parents try to set him up with Sandra, the sweet and caring daughter of a close family friend. A big family dinner serves as their introduction and Leonard arranges to see her again.

Then late one night Leonard looks out his bedroom window and notices a ravishing young woman he’s never seen before. Michelle recently moved into an apartment in his family’s building – an apartment paid for by the wealthy married man she’s seeing.

Phoenix reunites for the third time with director James Gray. The two have collaborated on “The Yards” and “We Own the Night.”

“Two Lovers” has recently been picked up for distribution and has been scheduled to hit theaters on January 9th, 2009.

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