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Venice 2011: Cristina Comencini’s Quando La Notte Clip and Photos

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Venice 2011: Cristina Comencini’s Quando La Notte Clip and Photos

Quando La Notte

Ah, there’s something about the Italian language that makes me wanna see all Italian movies ever made. I’m just kidding. I love Italians, but that other part… well, I’ll skip it now.

Still, one of the movies I’m actually looking forward to, is Quando La Notte, or if you prefer When The Night, which comes from director Cristina Comencini and which is scheduled to premiere in competition at the 68th Venice Film Festival.

So, in case you have a baby, you’re insecure young woman struggling to be the perfect mother, and you’re hoping that a change of scenery will improve your baby’s sleeping habits, this movie is perfect for you.

Because that’s exactly what Marina does. She decides to spend the summer vacation in the mountainside, and then the fun starts.

Quando La Notte

In the mountains a man and a woman meet. Manfred is an alpine guide, introverted and scornful, who has been abandoned by his wife and children; Marina is a young mother on holiday with her child. One night something happens in her apartment and Manfred intervenes, taking the injured little boy to hospital.

From then on the man will seek an unmentionable truth, which Marina has been hiding from everyone, even her husband, while she will guess the family secret which is the source of Manfred’s hatred of women. With a rage and desire never felt before, the two discover the root of a strong link which they will be unable to control or develop. Fifteen years after that holiday, Marina will return to that mountain-hut in winter, looking for Manfred.

Sounds good?

Well, that’s the upcoming Comecini’s movie which stars Claudia Pandolfi, Filippo Timi, Michela Cescon and Thomas Trabacchi.

Enjoy the photos and movie clip!


Quando La Notte Clip

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