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Watch: The ANT-MAN Test Footage with Fan-Made Storyboards

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Watch: The ANT-MAN Test Footage with Fan-Made Storyboards

Ant-Man Logo Ant-Man director Edgar Wright debuted his Ant-Man test footage at this year’s Comic-Con, and then didn’t release it, but Deviant member Samurai Jack decided to deal with this problem himself and recreated the footage from memory using storyboards:
I was asked by a good friend; who is a huge Ant-Man fan. If I could draw up some storyboards of what I saw at this years Comic-Con (2012) since I was in Hall H when they showed the test footage. Since his birthday was coming up; I was more than happy to do my best and re-create the footage as close as possible while still leaving a few things to the imagination. So I sketched out some storyboards and he put them together in a slide show for his YouTube channel. What I didn’t see coming was that so many people would check it out and have so many nice things to say about it. I am truly gratefull to say the least that it was recieved so well. Be sure to give it a look and browse around his channel if you get the chance.
Besides the unfinished scene that featured a CGI Ant-Man there was no mention of who would play Ant-Man, or when the film might come out. Marvel is rumored to be looking at starting production next year for a 2014 release, but there is no casting yet. Check out the storyboards in motion below – it might help many of you out there get the point of Wright’s ideas on the character. Job well done, thank you Jack! [youtube][/youtube]
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