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Watch:THE PAPERBOY First Trailer

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Watch:THE PAPERBOY First Trailer

The Paperboy The Paperboy, an erotic thriller concerning a death-row case in 1960s Florida made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival as well as snazzy underworld movie Killing Them Softly. Almost simultaneously, first trailers for both films have finally debuted. Lee Daniels follow-up to 2009s Precious follows younger paper staffer Jack Jansen (Zac Efron) as he looks into a case involving a man sitting on Death Row, Hillary Van Wetter, accused of killing a local sheriff (John Cusack); then, trouble and temptation follows suit in the form of the inmate’s Southern belle fiancée, Charlotte Bless (Nicole Kidman). The film also stars leading-man-of-the-moment newspaper reporter Matthew McConaughey, to dig into the case. We really wanted a glimpse of the scene where Kidman wees on Efron to help with a jellyfish sting. Instead, we get to see the two dance around in their underwear. A deep South crime story, The Paperboy, adapted from Peter Dexter’s novel of the same name co-starring David Oyelowo and plays limited theaters starting October 5th 2012. Here’s the trailer for the film in all its pulpy glory. Download The Paperboy Trailer

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The Paperboy

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