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Jacki Weaver Joins 6 DANCE LESSONS IN 6 WEEKS Comedy!

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Jacki Weaver Joins 6 DANCE LESSONS IN 6 WEEKS Comedy!

Jacki Weaver 6 Dance Lesons In 6 Weeks, is that even possible? Apparently it is, so you better get ready for another romantic comedy which comes from director Allan Seidelman! The whole thing is based on Richard Alfieri‘s Broadway play, and what definitely sounds great is that Jacki Weaver has joined the cast which already includes Gena Rowlands and Cheyenne Jackson. Gena Rowlands Allan Seidelman will direct the project from Alfieri’s script which revolves around:
…an elderly woman who hires a much younger and much more energetic dance instructor to give her one-on-one lessons for six weeks. Throughout the weeks and lessons, they develop an intimate friendship, putting aside their differences, and opening up to each other…
Gena Rowlands is set to play the above mentioned woman, Cheyenne Jacskson is on board to play Michael Minetti – her instructor, while Jacki Weaver jumps in to play a character named Irene, one of Michael’s dance students. As we said, the story is based on Alfieri’s play, which opened on Broadway in 2003 and has since received productions in 20 countries, becoming a regional and international hit with audiences. Andras Somkuti is producing, with Marc Platt and Jerry Offsay executive producing. Stay tuned for more updates! Here’s why: Cheyenne Jackson
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