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From Hunter To Hunted: Official Trailer For A SINGLE SHOT, Starring Sam Rockwell

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From Hunter To Hunted: Official Trailer For A SINGLE SHOT, Starring Sam Rockwell

A SINGLE SHOT We already shared the first teaser trailer and poster for David M. Rosenthal‘s upcoming crime drama A Single Shot, which is set to hit theaters this September. Today, we’re here to add an official trailer to our movie base, and take another look at Sam Rockwell who, in case you forgot, plays a deer hunter who accidentally shoots and kills a woman, and then… discovers a suitcase full of money! Sounds like a real mess…
Based on Matthew F. Jones‘ novel of the same name, this white-knuckle thriller starts with a bang: a single shot, aimed at a lone deer, that hits and kills a young woman. Rockwell plays that hunter, a man named John Moon who watches her die before discovering a box of money near her body. A SINGLE SHOT One Sheet And here’s the rest of the story:
In a desperate panic, he takes the cash – hiring a low-rent lawyer to fight his wife’s divorce suit – and attempts to cover up the killing. But when he discovers that the money belonged to a group of hardened criminals, the hunter becomes the hunted in this tense cat-and-mouse struggle in the backwoods of West Virginia.
Beside Rockwell, the rest of A Single Shot cast also includes William H. Macy, Jeffery Wright, Jason Isaacs and Kelly Reilly, and as we mentioned at the beginning – the movie is set to hit theaters on September 20th, 2013 (also available on VOD on August 20th, 2013). Let us know what you think about this video & stay tuned for more updates! A SINGLE SHOT Poster 02

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