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Adrien Brody to Play the Villain for MOTOR CITY

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Adrien Brody to Play the Villain for MOTOR CITY

Adrien Brody

After Gary Oldman recently dropped out of the production, Motor City seems has finally found its villain in Adrien Brody.

Brody would be playing the bad guy against Gerard Butler in the story which follows a felon who goes out for revenge on the people who framed him after he’s released.

The thriller scripted by Chad St. John is to be helmed by Albert Hughes; the picture stars production in Atlanta on September 17th and will be released by Warner Bros. in April of 2013.

According to Variety it is not known whether Mickey Rourke is attached to Motor City or not; the movie previously saw Jake Gyllenhaal, Dominic Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Clive Owen, Amber Heard, but none of them are currently associated with the project.

Brody recently completed work on political drama about the Chinese famine of 1942 directed by Xiaogang Feng (which co-stars Tim Robbins) as well as Vince Offer’s comedy film InAPPropriate Comedy, where he stars alongside Lindsay Lohan, Rob Schneider and Michelle Rodriguez.

Gerard Butler Cocktail Reception for Motor City

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