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APARTMENT 1303 3D Trailer and Posters

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APARTMENT 1303 3D Trailer and Posters

Apartment 1303 3D Here are the first trailer and three posters for the upcoming horror film Apartment 1303 3D. The US-Canadian co-production, directed by Swedish director, Daniel Fridell, is the English-language remake of the Ataru Oikawa’s 2007 Japanese film of the same name. The remake stars Mischa Barton (The Sixth Sense) , Rebecca De Mornay (Mother’s Day, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle), John Diehl (Stargate, Jurassic Park III), Julianne Michelle, Robert Blanche, Madison McAleer, Kathleen Mackey, and Corey Sevier. Still no release date for Apartment 1303 3D. Here’s the synopsis for the film:
Apartment 1303 is white, bright and airy with a sheer white curtain blowing from the wind off the balcony and is on the 13th floor of a large building. The view onto the sea is breathtaking, but the history of the apartment is shocking. A number of young women have committed suicide by jumping off the balcony, and it is now about to happen again!
Apartment 1303 3D Apartment 1303 3D Poster Apartment 1303 3D Poster
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