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Laotian Horror CHANTHALY First Trailer

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Laotian Horror CHANTHALY First Trailer

Chanthaly The trailer for the first horror film produced in Laos, Chanthaly has arrived online. This is also the first Laotian film produced by a female director (Mattie Do). It doesn’t look bad at all. Chanthaly was supposed to be the opening film of the third Luang Prabang Film Festival. The film is about a young woman (Amphaiphun Phimmapunya) with a congenital heart defect who’s been raised by her overprotective widowed father. As her character develops, the movie gradually shifts gears to horror, with ghosts in white dresses inhabiting a parallel realm of the house where it’s daylight all the time. Profanity is kept to a minimum, except for a puddle of blood on the floor. Chanthaly also notably features Mango, the pet dog of the director and screenwriter Christopher Larsen. Check out the first trailer and poster for a compelling Laotian horror flick Chanthaly.
Raised alone by her overprotective father sequestered in their home in Vientiane, Chanthaly suspects that her dead mother’s ghost is trying to deliver a message to her from the afterlife. After a change in her medication, intended to treat her hereditary heart condition, causes the hallucinations to cease, Chanthaly must decide whether or not to risk succumbing to her terminal illness in order to hear her mother’s last words.
Chanthaly - Poster
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