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Colin Farrell To Play Serial Killer In Supernatural Thriller SOLACE!

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Colin Farrell To Play Serial Killer In Supernatural Thriller SOLACE!

Colin Farrell Here’s an interesting casting news – Colin Farrell has just signed on to star in the upcoming supernatural thriller Solace! Yeah, that actually means that he will join the previously announced Anthony Hopkins, who is already set to play a former doctor with psychic abilities. Check out the rest of this report for more details about the whole thing! So, at this moment we know that director Afonso Poyart is set to direct this movie from a script (originally) written by Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin and (now) rewritten by Peter Morgan. The film will center on a clairvoyant doctor who is enlisted by the police to help catch a serial killer. Or, as Deadline reports:
An FBI detective seeks the help of a retired and reclusive doctor, to try and solve a series of grisly murders. The doctor was a wiz at the murder game, but lost his mojo when his daughter died tragically. Desperate, the detective presses the doctor to come out of retirement for one more case.
As you already guess, Farrell comes on board to play that serial killer, while Hopkins will play Dr. John Clancy. They have yet to cast the detective – but if you ask me, Farrell/Hopkins part of the story sounds pretty cool! Production on Solace starts this May, so I guess we’ll soon have more updates to share! Colin Farrell Wallpaper Colin Farrell
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