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Congratulations To MEN IN BLACK 3 For Being The Year’s Most Mistake-Ridden Movie!

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Congratulations To MEN IN BLACK 3 For Being The Year’s Most Mistake-Ridden Movie!

MEN IN BLACK 3 The end is near. I mean, the end of the year is near, and we’re here to announce the winners of a pretty cool contest that was held at Moviemistakes website. As you already see from our title, Men In Black 3 is the absolute champion (cheers!) In other words – with even 63 entries, Barry Sonnenfeld‘s 3D sci-fi comedy is definitely the year’s most mistake-ridden movie. Check out the rest of this report to see a complete list of winners… First of all, let me share some interesting details about our lucky winner. With the above mentioned 63 entries, Men In Black 3, is absolutely unbeatable – it has more than twice as many blunders as second placed Skyfall. Inaccurate flags, inconsistent timelines and disappearing cars were enough for the strong 1st place. Just for a record, 2011’s list-topper was Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which had 55 entries listed by the end of the year, and in 2010 Iron Man 2 took the perhaps-unwanted title, with 47 mistakes. Read: 63 is unusually high so soon after it was released.
MEN IN BLACK 3 Mistakes

…mistakes are real, too!

Here are some of my favourite entries for the movie:
1) J exits the Flatiron building and a woman in a yellow dress starts walking behind him. He looks at the street ahead and the same woman is walking from right to left. 2) When K takes the prize out of the Crackers box, the size of the box magically becomes very tiny.J rips out the heart of the huge fish, who exhales his last breath and dies. Several shots later the fish is on a truck, alive, growling and moving wildly. 3) The flag of Burkina Faso visible at Cape Canaveral is adopted in 1984, and the flag of Papua New Guinea is adopted in 1971.

Just keep quiet and nobody will notice…

Second place goes to Skyfall, believe it or not. You know, the twenty-third James Bond film where Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her and things like that. I think it’s (still) the third highest-grossing film of 2012, (definitely is the highest-grossing film of all time in the UK), but it also has 26 mistakes like:
1) In the scene where M is asked to retire from MI6, she puts down her glass and gets up to leave. She picks up her coat from the back of the chair but leaves her bag on the floor. In the next shot, the bag is no longer there. 2) When on the motorbike on the rooftops of Istanbul, Bond at first has no sunglasses on, then sunglasses on, then no sunglasses. 3) While talking with Severine in the casino bar, Bond gets his martini in a frozen glass. He picks it up, the camera’s point of view changes, and the glass is now completely unfrozen.

For more Spiderman’s updates visit his home page:!

Third place – The Amazing Spider-Man, so far – 24 mistakes. You’re not so amazing now, Peter Parker? Leave the poor guy alone, his parents disappeared when he was young and he finally realized the scope of the problem. Will these mistakes disappear as well:
1) While fighting against Lizard in the lab, Peter’s jacket changes randomly from spotless to covered in dust, to partially covered in dust, back and forth. 2) During the scene where Uncle Ben is talking to Peter in Peter’s bedroom, on his desk there is a solved Rubik’s cube. Uncle Ben picks it up, and twists it slightly. It then suddenly appears on the opposite side of the desk next to Peter, too far away for Ben to have placed it there, fully solved again. 3) Launched by the Lizard, Peter slides on his back through the lab and a small stone lays by his head. A frame later, when the Lizard steps on his arm, the stone is gone.

Can’t wait to try Tony Starks and Thor’s new brand of toothpaste, Armor & Hammer!

Relax people, The Avengers managed to save our dear planet Earth from Loki and his army! But they also made 22 mistakes during their fight, and here’s some proof:
1) When Hill chases Barton the car has a hole in the passenger front glass, when she turns it’s gone. 2) When Thor says “I have unfinished business with Loki”, you can see Hawkeye in the background removing the spent heads of his arrows, four of them, two a little lower then the rest. The shot cuts, and he is holding all four at the same height. 3) Throughout the film, Tony Stark’s chest ring can be seen glowing through his shirt except for two occasions when it’s suddenly off – after Loki escapes from the helicarrier, and when Loki and Tony Stark are talking in Stark tower.

This time travel crap, just fries your brain like an egg…

Rian Johnson‘s Looper is high-five with 14 mistakes. Who would say that even in 2074 things like this are possible:
1) Young Joe was right-handed. (He shot people with his right hand) but Older Joe was left-handed. 2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s eye colour changes part way through the movie. It is like no one realized that Bruce Willis doesn’t have brown eyes until he came to film scenes with Joseph. 3) When Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is shot by Emily Blunt with rock salt he is hit in the right shoulder. In the next scene he is having his left shoulder treated.
I’m going to add five more titles to our top ten list, and I definitely recommend you to check the full list at the above mentioned site ’cause (let’s face it) it’s quite interesting! 6.  The Dark Knight Rises (13 mistakes) 7.  Prometheus (13 mistakes) 8.  Argo (13 mistakes) 9.  The Hunger Games (12 mistakes) 10. Underworld: Awakening (10 mistakes) As usual, feel free to let us know what you think about the whole thing and stay tuned for more!

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