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Hereafter, Eastwood and Bond vs Mercury – 3 in 1

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Hereafter, Eastwood and Bond vs Mercury – 3 in 1

Freddy Mercury - Eastwood and Morgan Hereafter, Eastwood and Freddie Mercury instead of James Bond were most exclusive excerpts from the interview with Peter Morgan, the writer of The Queen, The Last King of Scotland and The Special Relationship. In 2006 his work on the film ‘The Queen’ awarded him a Golden Globe from the Hollywood Foreign Press. In 2007 he won a BAFTA Film Award for ‘The Last King of Scotland.’ In May 2007, the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival honored Morgan with the year’s Kanbar Award for Excellence in Screenwriting. Morgan has since finished the script for ‘Hereafter’, a supernatural thriller “in the vein of The Sixth Sense“. DreamWorks bought the screenplay in March 2008.The development was later transferred to Warner Bros., and filming began in October 2009 under the direction of Clint Eastwood. Morgan has recently started writing the screenplay for an upcoming biopic about rock musician Freddie Mercury, who was famous for being the lead vocalist, and songwriter, for the rock band Queen. Speaking of Eastwood he revealed that he asked a room full of writers at the Writers Guild in America if Clint is their idea of the perfect writer’s director or is he the ultimate non-writer’s director. Morgan got a pretty much 50/50 response and he agreed with them
Clint feels a lot of creative energy is neurotic and that is what he doesn’t like. He likes it uncomplicated and confident – contrived art.”
Peter Morgan also uncovered a lack of communication between Eastwood and him.
With Clint, this idea of he just takes it and shoots it, I felt very like, “Oh goodness, really? Can’t we do anything? Can’t we have a conversation?” [laughs] And nothing. The first time I really talked to him about it was at the press conference after the movie came out. “
On the other hand Morgan confirmed Eastwood is obviously profoundly filmmaker. And
he was clearly deeply connected with ‘Hereafter’ script in a way that’s powerful.”
Asked if he still was attached to writing the next Bond, Morgan denied:
No. Because of the delay and we all had to – There came a moment where we either had to say, “I’ll stick with the ship or I’ll go off.” And I went off and wrote Freddie Mercury, I’m afraid, so I’m a whore. No, I’m not a whore! [laughs]”
Hereafter is released in UK cinemas on Friday, January 28th. Hereafter Trailer [youtube][/youtube]

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