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Watch: New JAVA HEAT Trailer

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Watch: New JAVA HEAT Trailer

Java Heat The first international trailer for Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke actioner Java Heat was revealed back in January. Now the second teaser trailer is right here. An upcoming action thriller which comes from director Conor Allyn (who also co-writes and co-produces the movie alongside Rob Allyn) is set in the country’s most crowded land, Java and fully-loaded with tons of brutal actions done by the Twilight Saga star and The Wrestler actor. The retired boxer and thesp who became a sex symbol after 9 1/2 Weeks (with appallingly disfigured face now) had to speak in phony invented accent – the essential point is not so much the volume as the quality of the accent. The movie which also stars Indonesian up-and-coming actor Ario Bayu will be released in the U.S. May 10th and hits VOD and XBOX May 13th, 2013. Check out the trailer below. Here’s a full synopsis:
At a time when relations between the West and Islam are dangerously tense, Java Heat opens amidst the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation. Java Heat centers on Jake (Lutz), a reckless American tough guy who becomes embroiled in the turmoil ensuing the attacks, which killed the country’s much beloved Sultana. Jake is bent on vengeance but quickly finds the world a more complicated place than he can solve with violence alone. Lost among labyrinths of religious, political and cultural havoc, Jake must ally with cerebral Muslim detective Hashim (rising Indonesian star Ario Bayu), who handles Jake more like a suspect than a partner. The uneasy friendship leads to a treacherous man-hunt for the attack’s real instigator, a new breed of klepto-terrorist (Rourke), who is even more twisted and terrifying than the Jihadist terrorists he hides behind. Java Heat was directed by Conor Allyn and written and produced by Conor and Rob Allyn. Rob is a former international political consultant and New York Times best-selling author (Revolution of Hope). Previously, Conor wrote and directed Margate House’s Red & White trilogy. The trio of Indonesian war epics were among the biggest box office successes in the country’s history and scored unprecedented distribution worldwide.
Java Heat - Poster
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