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Mila Kunis Joins Paul Haggis THIRD PERSON

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Mila Kunis Joins Paul Haggis THIRD PERSON

Mila Kunis Crash director Paul Haggis just confirmed to Variety that Mila Kunis, Casey Affleck and James Franco are set to join Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde in the leads of his romantic drama Third Person. Haggis said:
These are complex characters in a challenging story, I’m thrilled we are attracting such as amazing cast.
Corsan CEO Paul Breuls who will produce the film alongside Haggis also said:
Third Person exemplifies the kind of film we want to make. Corsan’s ambition has always been to develop creative partnerships with great filmmakers and give them the space and support to create artistic yet highly commercial films.
Kunis, hot off the heels of global success of the crude stuffed-animal humor of Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted, plays one half of an estranged couple in New York, with Franco playing her partner in the piece. The film follows three interlocking love stories of three couples in three cities. Haggis added:
The three stories look at the beginning, middle and end of a relationship. The couple in Italy represents the beginning, Paris the middle and New York the end.
The Italian-set segment follows a young couple on a road trip, to be played be Affleck and Moran Atias, who also appeared Haggis’ last feature, The Next Three Days. The previously announced Neeson and Wilde, both of whom also worked with Haggis on The Next Three Days, will play writers in the Paris-set section of the film. Affleck-Franco
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