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First Images From Action Thriller MOTEL, Starring Robert De Niro & John Cusack!

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First Images From Action Thriller MOTEL, Starring Robert De Niro & John Cusack!

MOTEL Hey guys, we have some great images from David Grovic‘s action thriller Motel and as usual – we’re here to share them with you! Check out the rest of this report and take a better look at the leading duo – Robert De Niro and John Cusack. Still nothing about the official release date (the movie is currently in post-production) but one thing is for sure – the whole thing looks pretty cool at this moment! MOTEL Image 01 David Grovic directed the movie from a script he co-wrote with Paul Conway (an original screenplay comes from James Russo) and the story revolves around a hitman who is hired by a famous mob boss. The rest of the story goes like this:
To complete the job, the man must fight his way through a cast of other shadowy characters who also have been summoned by the mobster to a decrepit backwater motel in the Delta bayous. When the man crosses back with a mysterious woman, they partner up to escape from the crime boss’ clutches and survive a night of murderous havoc.
MOTEL Image 02 Beside John Cusack who plays the above mentioned hitman and Robert De Niro who plays his mob boss, the rest of the Motel cast also includes Dominic Purcell, Sticky Fingaz, Rebecca Da Costa, David Shumbris, Crispin Glover and Martin Klebba. MOTEL Image 03 Click on these images to take a better look and stay tuned for more updates on Motel! MOTEL Image 09 MOTEL Image 04 MOTEL Image 05 MOTEL Image 06 MOTEL Image 07 MOTEL Image 08
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