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New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign Launches Ahead of Trailer

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New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign Launches Ahead of Trailer

Legend Batman The Dark Knight Rises official website has launched the film’s viral campaign by asking fans from around the world to gather clues that would unlock new material. There’s Gotham City Police Department’s Anonymous Vigilante Investigation, or better, when you click on it you will see a large envelope with ‘Anonymous Vigilante Investigation’. A set of locations around are listed with instructions to ‘photograph evidence of graffiti related to any movement in support of the vigilante’s return.’ The dossier’s final slide, a police evidence bag containing photographic film, points to website; frames from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises trailer are featured on the site to correspond to pictures submitted. The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres July 20th.
The Dark Knight Rises is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy. Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar winner Christian Bale again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy, as Bane; Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as John Blake. Returning to the main cast, Oscar winner Michael Caine plays Alfred; Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon; and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman reprises the role of Lucius Fox. The screenplay is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer.
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