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Paul Walker Confirms Fast & Furious 5

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Paul Walker Confirms Fast & Furious 5

Fast & Furious | Paul Walker, Vin Diesel Paul Walker and Vin Diesel spoke at a “Fast & Furious” press junket, revealing that fifth installment in the franchise is in the works. When asked about a possible fifth movie in the franchise, Walker said:
“No but I’ve heard it. I’ve heard it in the rumor mill. Like, I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point, and they’re pretty serious about it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”
On the subject on Vin Diesel reprising his Toretto role for a third time, Walker was pretty candid:
”I know Vin’s in there already”
Walker would also love to see Tyrese Gibson‘s character from “2 Fast 2 Furious” return.
”Oh, man, he’s my brother. I love that guy. I had so much fun with him making the second one. He’s just one of those people that’s fun to be around. He’s just a big kid.”
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Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious | Vin Diesel Click here to see all “Fast & Furious 4” photos. UPDATE: August 1st, 2009. In occasion of the launch of the DVD of Fast and Furious“, and the short movie “Los Bandolers“, Fast and Furious actor Sung Kang (Han Lue) and director Justin Lin confirm that “Fast and Furious 5 is on developpement”. No date announced for the release of this new chapter of Fast and Furious franchise yet, possibly not before 2011, due to Vin Diesel‘s schedule.

Actor Paul Walker

Paul Walker attended the Summer TCA Tour of 2009 to promote the National Geographic documentary he mades earlier this year involving the great white sharks. It’s called “Expedition Great White” and it will be aired in November during Expedition Week on the Discovery/National Geographic Channel. He was asked about “The Fast and Furious” franchise, specifically the status of the fifth one. Walker says that Universal Studios definitely wants another one (the last installment made over $349 million worldwide), and according to Walker, people who write scripts are writing a script for the fifth one as they speak.

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