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Rachel McAdams In Talks For Cameron Crowe’s (Yet) Untitled Movie!

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Rachel McAdams In Talks For Cameron Crowe’s (Yet) Untitled Movie!

Rachel McAdams Here’s that big casting news – Rachel McAdams could star in Cameron Crowe‘s upcoming and yet untitled movie! If negotiations with the lovely actress work out, she will join previously announced Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, and what definitely sounds interesting is that The Vow star should come on board to play a former lover of Cooper’s character. So, at this moment we know that Cameron Crowe will direct the movie from his own script which should (according to the latest THR report) revolve around:
…A defense contractor who is overseeing a weapons satellite launch from Hawaii teams up with (and falls for) an Air Force pilot to scuttle the launch. Mystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part.
As you already guess, Bradley Cooper is set to play the above mentioned defense contractor, Emma Stone is an Air Force pilot, while Rachel McAdams will play Cooper’s ex-girlfriend. So yes, it looks that we’re definitely dealing with an interesting romantic comedy in here. Let us also add that Scott Rudin is on board to produce the movie and that production is expected to start this October. As usual – we’ll keep an eye on it, make sure you stay tuned!
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