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Rango“Rango” is a 2011 animated adventure-comedy film directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. Here are some key details about the movie:


The story follows Rango, a pet chameleon who accidentally ends up in the town of Dirt, an outpost in the Wild West populated by desert animals. In an effort to fit in, Rango reinvents himself as a tough drifter and soon becomes the town’s sheriff. He quickly discovers that Dirt is facing a major water crisis, and he must confront various dangers and uncover the town’s dark secrets to save it.

Main Characters and Voice Cast

  • Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp): A chameleon and the protagonist who becomes the sheriff of Dirt.
  • Beans (voiced by Isla Fisher): A desert iguana and Rango’s love interest.
  • Tortoise John (voiced by Ned Beatty): The corrupt mayor of Dirt.
  • Rattlesnake Jake (voiced by Bill Nighy): A fearsome outlaw and Rango’s main antagonist.
  • Priscilla (voiced by Abigail Breslin): A young mouse who looks up to Rango.
  • Roadkill (voiced by Alfred Molina): An armadillo who gives Rango some wisdom.

Awards and Reception

“Rango” received critical acclaim for its animation, voice performances

, humor, and unique take on the Western genre. It won several awards, including:

  • Academy Award: Best Animated Feature
  • Annie Award: Outstanding Achievement in Writing for an Animated Feature
  • BAFTA Award: Best Animated Film

Unique Aspects

  • Animation Style: Unlike many animated films, “Rango” utilized a technique called “emotion capture,” where the actors’ performances were filmed and then used as reference for the animators to create more lifelike and expressive characters.
  • Themes and Homages: The film pays homage to classic Westerns and features many references to famous Western tropes and films. It also explores themes such as identity, heroism, and environmental issues related to water scarcity.

“Rango” stands out for its blend of quirky humor, sophisticated storytelling, and its homage to the Western genre, making it a memorable and critically acclaimed animated film.