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Ray Liotta Joins The Place Beyond the Pines

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Ray Liotta Joins The Place Beyond the Pines

Ray LiottaAnyone interested in one great action thriller? Ok, then, here we are to have a little chat about the upcoming Derek Cianfrance‘s project titled The Place Beyond the Pines.

Today, we can finally say that this movie has quite interesting cast on board, because it’s finally confirmed that Ray Liotta will join previously announced Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Greta Gerwig.

The script has been written by Derek and Ben Coccio, and at this moment we know that The Place Beyond the Pines will follow a professional motorcycle rider who turns to robbing banks in order to support his newborn son.

Of course, things go wrong when he crosses the path of a police officer-turned-politician.

Director Cianfrance previously explained: “I have a film called ‘The Place Beyond The Pines,’ which is all about fathers and guns, and it has motorcycles and guns in it.”

Fathers and guns? If that’s not interesting enough for you, then I don’t know…

And now, about the cast. Ryan Gosling will play above mentioned bank robber, while Bradley Cooper will play cop, who tries to stop Ryan’s character.

Greta Gerwig will play Cooper’s wife and Eva Mendes will portrait the role of wife of Gosling’s character and mother of his baby. In addition to that, Ray Liotta will play the character of a corrupted police officer.

Sidney Kimmel, Lynette Howeell, Alex Orlovsky and Jamie Patricof will produce the movie, which is expected to star shooting next month in New York.

Stay tuned guys!

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