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Watch: 3 New Clips From REDEMPTION, Opening This Friday

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Watch: 3 New Clips From REDEMPTION, Opening This Friday

REDEMPTION Jason Statham reveals his romantic side! We have three new clips from his upcoming Redemption (or Hummingbird) movie, which opens this Friday, and we definitely recommend you to check them all out! Why? Well, ’cause this film is not exactly your usual-Statham-killing-everybody movie, but… is that good enough for you? Hope it is, head inside to check him out! [jwplayer mediaid=”160993″] We already wrote so much about this British thriller, so I’m sure you all know that it comes from writer/director Steven Knight, and revolves around Joey Jones, a damaged ex-special forces soldier trapped in London’s criminal underworld. All that (and more) you already had a chance to see in the official trailer, first clip and over 50 images from the whole thing. [jwplayer mediaid=”160994″] In case you forgot the rest of the story:
In an attempt to refresh himself, after being brutally beaten by a gang of men on a cold street corner, Joey breaks into an apartment, assumes another man’s identity and seeks the aid of Sister Cristina, a young nun who works at an inner-city parish. But Joey’s military training makes him a valuable asset, and he soon finds himself caught in the dark complex of London’s criminal underworld. Struggling to keep hold of his sanity, Joey offers his profits to those who need it most. But when he learns his missing girlfriend was brutally murdered by a ruthless kingpin, he risks everything for revenge, hurtling down a deadly path that promises to destroy him completely, or be his final and only hope at redeeming himself…
[jwplayer mediaid=”160995″] Described as a brutal, and yet surprisingly tender thriller, Redemption also stars Agata Buzek, Siobhan Hewlett, Senem Temiz, Andrew Crayford and Benedict Wong and is set to hit theaters on June 28th, 2013. So, looks promising or what? REDEMPTION Poster
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