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Sam Worthington in Dan Dare Movie

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Sam Worthington in Dan Dare Movie

Sam Worthington - Dan DareSam Worthington that we just had a chance to see in the Clash of the Titans has confirmed his role in the movie based on the Dan Dare comic.

So get ready for Worthington in the title role of Dan Dare, chief pilot in the Interplanet Space Fleet!

Dan Dare is a legendary comic book character in the UK, often being referred to as the British Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon.

This British science fiction hero was created by illustrator Frank Hampson. Hampson not only invented Dan Dare and his entire world, but he also put together the original team of artists and wrote the first two stories.

So, Dan Dare appeared in the Eagle comic story Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future in 1950. And if you wonder what’s so speciall about this hero… well, he is excellent at jiu jitsu, although he most often found non-violent solutions to predicaments, and he was bound by a sense of honour, never lied, and would rather die than break his word.

That’s maybe the thing that could be interesting to watch, especially if you’re a fan of Worthington, so you can already start to imagine him in this role!

Anyway, this is what he said about this project:

“Dan Dare, same type of thing – we’re seeing how they’re going to develop it and where they want it to go,” he said. I’m at that stage now where I want to do movies where I get my $16 worth… Something like Dan Dare, there was something in the reboot by Garth Ennis that was amazing.”

At this moment no writer or director was attached, but since you all hear how Worthington is excited, it could be some “big” director name involved in the whole thing. The rest of the cast is still unknown, but we’re more than sure we’ll soon be back with more details about this adaptation.

So, it seems that Worthington just loves himself a big budget bust-up. We have no doubt that this 33 year-old actor will make great space leader, and until the new (but legendary as well) hero arrives – make sure you watch Worthington in Clash of the Titans.



  1. Mike Burke

    April 22, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    I grew up with Dan Dare.
    Me and others who read Eagle loved this strip.
    The animated series was just awful.
    Sondar is shown as an enormous giant, whereas he should be tall and slim with gold-type armour.
    Do the artists and designers never look at what started it all?
    The latest graphic comic is a rip-off. It seems it’s in more than one boring, very political issue. Good artwork but it bears no relation to the Dan Dare I remember. And the story is padded out by a whole section with monsters that have no other function than to be violent and destructive. Violence and destruction is easy to do, good stories take more effort. Surely you all have the skill to make it good??
    Dan was only recognisable by his eyebrows. He is shown as a boring 40 something. Digby was changed with brown eyes.
    In the Eagle Dan was full of humour with brightly coloured exciting stories. It is my fear that this great, neglected character will be ‘modernised’ to ‘fit in’ with today’s society. (God help us).
    If we can suspend reality enough to pretend that Venus is a beautiful, dangerous planet, then surely you can make a great movie about a great example for young people. The potential for merchandising of characters, spaceships etc., is enormous. How it has taken so long to get around to the Dan Dare movie??
    I have been waiting since I was 10 years old, and I am approaching 70 now.
    Please keep Dan British, and as a friendly, witty big brother.
    Don’t do what they did to Spiderman. They turned him into a whiney chick soap-opera, and almost did the same to Superman.
    Please don’t make a mess of it.

  2. robert jones

    October 7, 2010 at 8:54 am

    I had the jetex dan dare space ship as a kid.
    (But it didn’t look much like the comic version either.)
    Dan himself looked different from year to year (i.e. artist to artist).

    r. jones

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