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The Fourth Dimension Image Grolsch Film Works and Vice Films today announce the global YouTube release of the new space-and-time-questioning omnibus film, The Fourth Dimension, with segments by Jan Kwiecinski (Poland), Alexey Fedorchenko (Russia) and Harmony Korine (US). They were reportedly tasked by Vice Magazine’s own Eddy Moretti with creating their own 30-minute shorts, shooting in each of their native countries and exploring the notion of a ‘fourth dimension’. The short behind Korine’s segment will see Val Kilmer playing a character named ‘Val Kilmer,’ a motivational speaker at a fictional ‘Lotus Community Centre’, set in Nashville, Tennessee. The omnibus film has been showed at more than 30 festivals including San Francisco, Tribeca and Edinburgh. Fedorchenko shot his chapter in Ekateringburg, 20 hours from Moscow. His short, Silent Souls follows the journey of a reclusive time-traveller Grigory who is relentlessly attempting to reach the ‘fourth dimension’. Kwiecinski’s chapter, shot in Parysow, near Warsaw, follows a heady journey of young people who find themselves in an abandoned town. Watch, it’s free: [youtube][/youtube] Thomas Kamphuis, who heads up the Grolsch Film Works programme, said:
We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with The Fourth Dimension. As Grolsch Film Works’ first feature film, we’re thrilled that it’s been so well received by the international film community. Being able to bring the film to a much wider audience through this partnership with YouTube signals our ongoing and firm commitment to independent cinema.
Vice’s  Moretti, also  said:
The Fourth Dimension represents a cinematic experience that is defined by truly unique approaches to character and storytelling. The decision to release the film on YouTube was something we felt very passionately about. It gives us an unrivalled opportunity to showcase some of the very best in international filmmaking outside of festival screenings where The Fourth Dimension has been accepted and enjoyed this year, to a much wider audience.
FOURTH DIMENSION Poster Source: The Playlist
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