Cusack Aims To Offend With War Satire Film ‘War, Inc’

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In the movie, Cusack plays a hit man hired by Tamerlane to assassinate a Middle Eastern oil minister who plans to lay an oil pipeline through Turaqistan, thwarting the company’s plan for sole proprietorship of the country.

“‘War, Inc’ was just a reaction to the war and all the insanity behind using the 9/11 attacks to make an imperial land grab in the Middle East,” he said. “We really wanted to channel our outrage a little bit into something creative.”

Cusack said he was also inspired by the late director Robert Altman, who made a satirical movie about U.S. medical personnel during the Korean War, based on the book “MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors.”

‘War, Inc’ movie still ‘War, Inc’ movie still ‘War, Inc’ movie still ‘War, Inc’ movie still

“He said when he made “MASH” he wanted to be as politically incorrect as the war was obscene,” Cusack said. “I don’t think we even went far enough.”

Shot in Bulgaria, the low-budget movie has been marketed through It was shown to a range of high-profile people such as artist Damien Hirst and comedian Sarah Silverman, whose comments have been posted online.

Singer Hilary Duff, 20, had a week to prepare for her role as a trashy central Asian pop singer and said that while many families have been devastated by what’s happening in Iraq, she hopes that audiences will see the funny side of the film.

“We’re trying to raise awareness with it. It is funny and it is bizarre and a little disturbing,” she said. “But really at the end of the day it’s looking at what (our country is) doing, and it’s not right.”

And with U.S. presidential elections looming, Cusack hopes his movie will spur “some kind of resistance of the spirit.”

“There’s hopefully an exuberance to the movie because I think being subversive should feel good,” Cusack said. “It should be fun to throw a brick.”

‘War, Inc’ movie still ‘War, Inc’ movie still ‘War, Inc’ movie still

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