Paul Walker Confirms Fast & Furious 5

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Fast & Furious | Paul Walker, Vin Diesel

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel spoke at a “Fast & Furious” press junket, revealing that fifth installment in the franchise is in the works.

When asked about a possible fifth movie in the franchise, Walker said:

“No but I’ve heard it. I’ve heard it in the rumor mill. Like, I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point, and they’re pretty serious about it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

On the subject on Vin Diesel reprising his Toretto role for a third time, Walker was pretty candid:

”I know Vin’s in there already”

Walker would also love to see Tyrese Gibson‘s character from “2 Fast 2 Furious” return.

”Oh, man, he’s my brother. I love that guy. I had so much fun with him making the second one. He’s just one of those people that’s fun to be around. He’s just a big kid.”

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Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious | Vin Diesel

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UPDATE: August 1st, 2009.

In occasion of the launch of the DVD of Fast and Furious“, and the short movie “Los Bandolers“, Fast and Furious actor Sung Kang (Han Lue) and director Justin Lin confirm that “Fast and Furious 5 is on developpement”. No date announced for the release of this new chapter of Fast and Furious franchise yet, possibly not before 2011, due to Vin Diesel‘s schedule.

Actor Paul Walker

Paul Walker attended the Summer TCA Tour of 2009 to promote the National Geographic documentary he mades earlier this year involving the great white sharks. It’s called “Expedition Great White” and it will be aired in November during Expedition Week on the Discovery/National Geographic Channel. He was asked about “The Fast and Furious” franchise, specifically the status of the fifth one. Walker says that Universal Studios definitely wants another one (the last installment made over $349 million worldwide), and according to Walker, people who write scripts are writing a script for the fifth one as they speak.

What do you think?

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  • Shayne Davis says:

    HELLO my name is shayne davis
    thank you for emailing me at [email protected]
    i AM your biggest fan see new movie Starring Paul Wakler
    And Vin Diesel. The Fast And The Furious 4 And 5
    filming in The Dominican Republic The Next Fast And The
    Furious 5 United KingDom London

  • Anonymous says:

    are they going to make a new one

  • anonymous says:

    are they going to make a number 5?
    number 4 was sick

  • miguel says:

    si marcos fast and furious 5 va salir pronto

  • miguel says:

    i hear the part 5 is in the works

  • Steve says:

    I really hope they make a #5 the way the story line went in 4 they just have to :P

  • Hasagawa says:

    No doubt they will be making 5 as these movies are cheap enough to make and still moderiatly succesfull with the built in fan base. I say with the built in fan base because with the lack believability of the 3rd one and the 4th one no one but the rice boys would want to see a 5th one.
    I could write a better script and be a better director than Lin ever thought of being. The 3rd one was just stupid as it was so unrealistic and had no real character devolopent; it just seemed to be a sterotyplicly western view of Japan. Yakuza and drifting, sure….
    The 5th one is just too slow at the start, feeling more like a bad episode of “Cops” of something. It was just kind of boring, and it was not like there was any real character development. And as usual (except for the FF2), there was no real believable plot; using a secret tunnel and street racers to smuggle drugs, sure, whatever.
    The races in the movie were just far to scattered, like they wanted to make this a movie about everything except the cars. It felt like it just went on-and-on with its bad take on a cop drama. I was ready to leave before the ending credits, sad.
    It really felt like they wanted to have some type of one dimensional character development, like they wanted to make a serious work, but it fails at that. It also tries to tie up the “loose ends” as they stated they would do, but again, I don’t think they should have tried. And Brain back with the FBI, what was with that? I thought that at the end of the 2nd one he was going to open up a tuning garage, what happened? Heck, that could have been more interesting; Brain get involved with something that has to do with his new tuning shop and some kind of, well heck, organized crime (yes, that does seem to be the only answer the script writers have with this series of movies as a plot engine)!
    And of course, the end of the FF4 works perfectly into the soon-to-be 5th installment! See it; now Dominic and Brain must flee the USA to Europe and get involved in stopping the smuggling, you know it, drugs!
    Oh, and Universal, if you want someone who can really make a real car movie, see me…

    • Miss New Zealand says:

      Lol Hasagawa! In your dreams! IF you want Universal to notice you then you better start acting in the Performing Arts School to get their attention! I know there's a 5th Installment of the F&F Style! So don't go judging! If you want to make something like this THEN DO IT!! DON'T JUST TALK ABOUT IT! MAKE THAT EFFORT! IF YOU CAN'T DO IT THEN WASTE OF TIME TALKING ABOUT IT! I too involved with Script Writing, Directing NZ Short Films and Music Production, 3D Animations 5 years of Studies!. But Fast Cars is not my type for movies, it only kills our Generations!

    • bob says:

      The 4th one was supposed to be set before the events in the 2nd movie took place so that’s why he didn’t have a garage or anything

  • anonymous says:

    I really enjoy fast and furious films. They are the best!!!!. I want a fifth one!! They should make one with the all of the main characters from each fast and furious movie. That would be awesome. Like if they teamed up to go against a unknown street racing gang they have never known and make it hard!!!!

  • Ed says:

    Number 4 rocks the cars are tight and the way they were going to bust dom from prison see what happens next

  • Whitney says:

    They should be making Fast and Furious movies until all the movies have caught up with Tokyo Drift since they pretty much started back from where the second movie left off except it is five years later.

  • Spencer says:

    the next one should be in tokyo where sean and han teach brian how to drift. Vin diesle will get out and go to tokyo and creat all the stuff again and he will get into imports instead of muscles.

    • really? says:

      torretto was into imports the first car you see him with is an rx7 he has been using american muscle because it was his dads car and overcame his fear of it as a similar car killed his dad

      • dodgeman97sport says:

        No his dad died in a stock car crash not in the charger r/t and in the first one there is a picture of his dad standing by his race car which is shown as the classic 80s stock car a Monte Carlo SS and yes the muscle was what he and his dad built. 900 horses of Detroit muscle 9 seconds flat in Palmdale the chassis twisted coming off the line so much torque. Hopefully a 5 comes out they may be stupid and fake but they sure are fun to watch.

  • no matter how many Fast and Furious’s they make, I don’t think Vin Diesel will ever do better than Pitch Black

    • dodgeman97sport says:

      i concur he was phenomenal in that movie. Good in chronicles of riddick too but not even close to pitch.

  • Ron says:

    Fast and Furious 5 American Muscle
    The Adventures of Fonzie and Fabio

  • Mike says:

    this movie was awsome

  • john says:

    ok sorry spencer but han is dead so that cant happen and i dont think dom would ever switch over but i would like it if whitneys wish came true and then continue after tokyo drift because i love han but i also love sean so either way as long as it has either han or sean im happy

  • hurikane85 says:

    ok ok i thought my car was the first to do wheelies in the dessert… u see the knobbies on that thing??? now they are making cool cars look stupid….I’m just glad they havn’t begin to touch an 03′ cobra or ls1’s… go back to making civics cool again an leave badass cars to badass movies.(NOT THE FF franchise)

  • dre says:

    Fast and furious was bad ass! I loved it they have to make another one I LOVE PAUL WALKER & VIN…They should make another one were letty faked her death and comes back That sucked that she died because she was a bad ass chick in the movie they should all be back again im looking forward to the next movie hopefully!

    • you bellend says:

      faked her death are you smoking crack she was murdered for running drugs whilst working for the police

    • jake says:

      i think that if they do make a 5 its like vin gets out and gos to detroit changes his look and races with paul in detriot

  • j dog says:

    f*** all u guys who dawg on the movies they are tight u nerds that dont have anything better to do thenwhine about movies u dont like are pathetic

    • dodgeman97sport says:

      [email protected]#$%^n right these losers dissing the movie if its so horrible why does it do 72.9 million in one weekend. that’s an average of 14 million people went to see it like 4% of the worlds population. I think someones jeleous

  • James Caldwell says:

    Here’s the way I seen it han told dom that something was going down in tokyo precisely tokyo drift then in part two brian leaves the force becasue they was mad over dom in the next one I could see the film going like this brian and the black guy sry forgot his name leave after the second installment to tokyo where dom has already left too because of what han said dom races lucas black sean and wins sean and him build a garage and then brian and the black guy come over and find dom and the yakuza has a job for the four of then to go to uk and help with drugs or something a heist or something and they team to get the job done include mia doms sister somehow like shes tells brian dom went to tokyo so brian knows about han as well great ideal just thought i would pitch it

  • Tec says:

    Fast and Furious was great. All of the movies were great except for Tokyo Drift in my opinion. There were a couple of flaws within this movie. How does Brian get back into the D.E.A? Also what happened to Leon, Vince, & Jesse? What happened to Doms RX-7 and the all so loved Supra? What happened to Tyrese from 2 Fast 2 Furious? All of this was left up in the air. But besides that everything was great. Paul and Vin did great jobs. This movie was well worth the wait. Linking Han to this movie was also cool. They should have shown how Dom and Han met up. Hope the 5th installment will be just as good. It looks like it will be in Europe. Hope not but we will see. I just hope they do not just drive v-slubs, B.M.W’s, or Mercedes since its suppose to take place in Europe. Looks like will have to wait an see.

    • dodgeman97sport says:

      well Jesse was killed by the Asian gang in the first movie and Leon and Vince were such horseshit actors that they just x them from the series.

  • Anonymous says:

    dere goin to be a 5th one takin a place inn tokyo kuzs da 4 is like a flash back to tokyo drift in da end

  • pw99 says:

    @Hasagawa , your a complete moron. just saying. i highly doubt you could do better, in fact, i’m sure you’d suck. but hey, keep running your mouth and see where that takes you in life, and if you ever make a movie, let me know and we’ll see if it even comes close.

    anyway, this instalment was great. aside from the car brian drives in the end. they couldn’t have found a better car in the impound than that? lol, but i’m really excited for the next movie. i was hoping that the fbi or dea or whomever faked letty’s death to bring dom back to the states, but apparently not. which is depressing, because she was a good character, and her and dom were good together.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tec didnt you watch the first movie jesse got shot and killed by the guys on the bikes

  • Brandon says:

    here’s my idea. Starting After Fast and Furious 4 they show how they get Vin Diesel off of the jail bus. Vin goes to tokyo with Mia. Paul Walker and Tyrese eventually go over to Tokyo as well. show Toretto and Han doing some shit BEFORE Han dies. after that go to the race where Sean and Dom are going to race. have that race go, have Dom say to Sean i’m going after DK and Yakuza for Han’s death. Paul and Tyrese show up thus helping Sean and Dom. at the end of the movie have it that Paul, Tyrese, Sean, and Dom are about ready to race. Either have them race thus ending the series or end it like they did for Tokyo Drift to leave it open for a 6th one.

    • dodgeman97sport says:

      That would work but what about the fact that diesel isn’t over there till after Han is already dead. He just show him showing up in Tokyo at the end of the movie in Tokyo drift. Please tell me Lil bow wow wont be in the 5th

  • Brandon says:

    how could there be a flashback to Tokyo Drift in the end of the 4th if it takes place before Tokyo Drift? and what was this flash back. the movie ends with them driving up to the bus to get Dom off. if it were to show a clip of Tokyo Drift it would be a flash forward which would be incredibly stupid because tokyo drift hadn’t happened yet. so unless Toretto is psychic now

    • Oscar says:

      No….if you didn't notice in the movie (#4) five years had passed already meaning the hole begining of the movie was how they tied the relationship btwn DOM and HANS when LETI died DOM had already been to TOKIO and back remamber at the very end is just MIA,BRIAN,TEGO & DON OMAR HANS was non longer in the picture

      • dodgeman97sport says:

        Dom hadn’t been to Tokyo and back you moron you kidding me Han left and diesel ran further deeper into Mexico. As for the past relationship with Dom and Han Han had never been out of the states until he leasves at eh beginning of 4 look up
        “los bandarinos”its the prelude to the 4th movie. Comes on the bonus disk of the 2 disc edition.

  • Marco says:

    Thay were good. I give all 4 a 10/10.

  • izzie says:

    this movie was the best the next one should be when they go to tokyo

  • ali says:

    I hope they do make another 1. I would really want han to be in it. He was an absolute favourite of mine!

    Paul walker and Vin Diesel good as ever also!!

  • mike says:

    first off i just wanna say i loved all 4 of them they keep gettin better and better more action too i give pt 4 a 12 secondly up top Hasagawa man you need to go kick both your parents in the face for giving you a name that 99.99% people in the world can not even pronounce fuk!n retard thirdly i cant wait until the 5th one comes out…. and 6,7, lol and so on! Dueces!

  • Anonymous says:

    hasagawa yer retarted go play in traffic kuz it obvious thats the closest youl ever have been to a race car…the muscle cars are sweet so shut the **** up hurikane and ya jesse got shot the hell up tec…..and ya the subaru in 4 was retarted i hate that they keep dropin retarded cars in these movies jus kuz the car makers pay to see it happen…..the only han er letty we gonna see is in the 20 min film vin en paul er sposed ta put out this summer

  • UAracerUA says:

    hey guys can someone tell me wtf is han doing in Fast and Furious 4 i thought he died in number 3…pls explain it 2 me

    • dodgeman97sport says:

      fast and the furious 4 is actually placed as the third movie on the time line so its a prelude kind of to Tokyo drift.

  • Anonymous says:

    fast & furious 4 was amazing,
    loved the cars,
    next one should deffo be done in europe how sik would that be?
    cant wait 2 see the next 1

  • tom says:

    its all the wrong order its supposed to be.
    fast and furious 1, fast and furious 4, fast and furious 2, then fast and furious tokyo drift.

  • Blake says:


  • Shawn says:

    I think all the F&F were good, but like i’ve read what happen to every one and how did Dom and Han meet..How does Dom race Shawn in Tokyo maybe that will be F&F six. So i’m taking it they got Dom of the bus in 4 so that’s why there in Europe. But any ways i love theses movies and it doesnt matter what cars they use or what goes on in the movie ill be there opening day no matter what..

  • Anonymous says:

    All the F&F movie where great. im not a big fan of tokyo just because they didnt have any of the same actors from the other F&F… Ok so this what im thinking. In part one Vince Dies or he goes to jail because when brain called the copter to come pick him up one he die or two he lived and the cops send him to jail. Jesse got shot. Idk what happen to Leon which i would loved to know..ok so then brain heads to miami where he gets caught by the cops and need to go undercover to clear his rec. so he goes and picks up his childhood friend which is romeo which somehow he always blaming brain that thanks to him he went to jail lol.. but at the end he takes all the blame so at the end they said we going to open a garage.. so i think one year pass and brain comes back to LA cause remember romeo said i wanna stay here in Miami. so w/e brain comes back to LA and works with the police again.. then Dom flees and letty comes back to LA and ask brain if she can clear dom rec so he can come back aswell so she goes out and trys to capture Barga but fails and gets kill.. which brings dom back to LA now he has to work with brain.. so at the end Dom get caught and now Mia,Brian,Tego and Don Omar are busting him out of the bus.. which this leads to a part 5.. and what i dont get how does this shit end up in tokyo i know Han.. but if u ask me they shouldn’t of not made a tokyo movie…

  • james says:

    they wont make it in tokyo for sure, f&f3 was rubbish the plot was stupid and in a way vins apperance in it kida cuts off alot of possibiities for the 5th. The only way for it to work is obviously brian and mia will flea the country so possibly europe. Dom hides in tokyo for a while hence his apperance then he joins brian and mia in the 5th. but imo its guna be hard for them to make a decent plot out of it.

  • coco says:

    #3 rocks and everybody should know it.. and i heard that they were making #5 before #4 even came to commercial..overachivers..but the movies r great

  • Justin says:

    ok i got one remember in 2fast how walker tells tyrese that the drug cartel is going to get out in no time? ok well after they get dom off the bus dom and bryan and mia race to barstone. . Bryans town that he mentions in 2f2f. . they find ty working his own shop but ty got into some trouble with that same cartel lord who is in tokyo who is also callin hits on ty, back to now tys shop blows up so the group (dom mia Bryan and now ty) take cover then they plan blah blah and dom goes to tokyo to get news from both kamata (yakuza boss) and han (already dead) so after he finds out hon is dead dom races sean and as that race ends with dom loosing but still all good about it the rest of the group (paul mia and ty) role in to watch the end so after they all talk about whats happenig the tokyo group hooks up the usa group with some cars. . . dom who has a connection with the tokyo yakuza boss they talk but it turns out that he is with the other cartel and yeah just put some bad ass cars in there and some crazy races and yeah thats a movie i guess =]
    also put lil wayne in there i dont know why just do it make oh make him a buyer of a drug from one of them and yeah

  • chuck fender says:

    there should be a fifty oue

  • omar PR says:

    yooo directly from puerto rico.,.,. i feel that they should have done more realistic and less drama more cars,girl,races, drag, or drift.,..,., i hope that the 5th one will be better,,, and ddaaaame why letty had to die maaan.,.,

  • Kelsjo says:

    Hey I love paul walker so much he is so cool. I wish he could post us back it would be so sweet to talk to him. I want to learn how to drift. The movies are sweet.

  • wirtfootball#12 says:

    I thot it sucked were letty died in the begin n cuz she was a good character and i thot she was goin to be in the hole movie. in my opinion if she dont go back for the 5th 1 then i wont want 2 watch it. pw99 i hope that htey were fakin her death.

  • Ill says:

    Sorry guys Han isn't dead…

  • NStuning says:

    i heard about it that there's gonna be 7 films of the fast and the furious.

    Everytime i look at the films i got pimples on my whole body only 1,2,4 tokyo i dont like that because paul walker and vin diesel aren't play within. i hope that 5 really quik comming. i hope that paul walker and vin diesel makes a 5th movie and play both within.

    ps. my username is always NStuning. it means. Nissan skyline tuning. i like the Nissan skyline Gtr 34r. that car i want the most.

  • Anonymous says:

    Smokey Nagata should end up in F&F5 as an elite racer the best of the best with his V12 Supra! Just a thought…

  • brian not brain says:

    you think you could make a better movie you spell o'connor's name brian not brain i think maybe you should have your brain tested because these are really good films

  • if u listen says:

    sean is dk now he beat the former dk if you listen vin diesel asks for the dk and they bring him sean

  • tiffany says:

    hey, does anyone know or have an idea if they are doing casting calls for the fast and furious 5 in new york??….if anyone finds out anything about casting for the 5th edition…please email me at [email protected] ….

    thank you =]

  • sheldon says:

    i think they want it to take place in brazil casue in tokyo drift bow wow said he was beating people all over euope so #5 prolly explains that and rnd w/ him in tokyo then #6 will continue in tokyo……..all the movies were amazing and i hope they never stop making them

  • blank says:

    The 1st movie :} was the best 2 me. I do like all the movies. I think they should improve on the 5th movie 2 bring the fans back 4 sure. They should make all the movies more apart of each other by the 5th movie! Kinda like part1234 and 5. Put all the actors n the movies also. Make more sense of each 1 leading up 2 the other with #5.

  • blank says:

    ps. bring letty back

  • anonymous says:

    4 was wack they shouldnt make another one

  • anonymous says:

    the movies arent even about racing anymore theyre all about cops now. theres enough cop movies out already.

  • sleazyt says:

    This sounds very prominent and very exciting Oh and Everyone thought the 2nd sucked well i loved it and hope Tyrizlle Gibson Can Come back that would Just make My life Complete

  • havier says:

    fast and furious 5 is gonna be in europe

  • kristine223 says:

    Ok, if it will be taken in Europe then make in really crazy place… for example – Russia!! :)

    And if U wanna hot n crazy female driver just tell me! :D

  • Jordan says:

    i liked every fast nd furious bt i wasnt a big fan of tokyo drift doe. if they make another one they should bring bac brian(paul) nd dom(vin) bcuz dey r important to da movie. they shuld also bring bac mia(jordana) bcuz now she’s driving now nd is becoming lik her bro. nd dey shuld bring bac tyrese.

  • Myke says:

    Ok guys, the forth was an alright movie, still think it should have been before the third, but then it wouldnt have been such a shocker the dom shows up and the end of the 3rd. i think they should go back to japan, i just want to see dom drift, but europe would be cool to, maybe bring roman back to race with dom and brian, and maybe through lucus black back in the mix of things, those 4 would be a bad ass race team

  • Anonymous says:

    they got to be makin a 5th 1 cause the 4th 1 ended nd All u guys who sayin Tokyo was a shit 1 i think it was better then the last 1
    nd 4 the 5th 1 they get dom out he heads to tokyo race sean then sean nd dom team up head around euro 4 a grind prize or sumthing like that nd in the mix of that they meet uop with Walker nd ty nd ???????????????? out of ideas

  • Todd says:

    the fifth needs to be set after the events of Tokyo Drift. Dominic, Brian, and Mia need to team up with Sean Boswell and Roman Pearce. it would only make sense to do it like that.

  • Zippo says:

    For the love of god no one can seem to get their time lines straight.
    In chronological order (not in order of movie release)

    1. The Fast and the Furious (Jessie dies)
    2. 2 Fast 2 Furious
    3. Fast and Furious (Han is alive and well)
    4. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Han obviously dies)

    Sorry but watching the posts it was bugging the hell out of me that people couldn’t figure that one out.

    Personally I would like to see the 5th include all of the originals (that are still alive) Brian, Dom, Mia, maybe even Leon, and then add Roman Pierce, although I’m leary about adding Sean I suppose the other actors would more then make up for him.

  • Zippo says:

    For Christ sake Jordan pick up a damn dictionary. This whole twitter/shorthand mentality people have towards typing is ridiculous. Either learn how to use spell check or learn how to spell.

  • anonymous says:

    dude Hasagawa or whatever ur name is ya you obviously dont know wat a good movie is when you see one. And if you r such a good script writer and you can do so much better than that movie then get writing and get back to me when you actually get a movie produced…pshh please.

  • Jordan says:

    For your information zippo i know how to spell i don’t get 4.0’s for being dumb now do i. Shorthand speaking just saves time when talking to friends, in chat rooms and comment sites. But i understand where your coming from so its ok. I aslo like your comment about having the orginal cast come back for the fifth installment and i also like todds too. TTYL

  • Dan says:

    I was suprized to see the end of f&f 4 where they where about to bust out dom! they will sertenly have to make another one now but i think they needa make a bit more effort this time, f&f 4 was quite slow but but still good, tokio drift was a bit of a f#@k up as it pretty much had nuthing to do with any of the other movies, good to see they are back on track…. i just think they shouldnt use as much cop work for brian……… gets abit boaring. love to see what happens next with brian and dom. #5 cant come soon enough

  • Dan says:

    i aslo think they should throw in all the surviving members…. even vince, myb even ludacris

  • robert says:

    Two points is letty really dead?
    5 they should bring in jasonstatham he would be agood addition to the franchise what do you all think?
    Furious FAN

  • Chris says:

    Wow some of you all need real help. If you dont like the movies don’t go watch them spend your money else where, as far as my opinion i liked all 4 so far and waiting for the 5th installment. Europe will be cool but shouldnt be done till part 6, or the end of 5. They need to tie the time lines into place so that it set the movie series up better. As for actors if you pull Vin, Paul, Sean, and Tyrese back into it you are looking at about 50 or 60 million just in there salaries alone for it, then if you add the secondaries Mie, Leon , and the others it will be a mess they will be stepping all over each other in the film. Keep it simple and planned out. They bust Dom out ot the bus and the flea the states. Dom finds out about hans death and goes to Tokoyo and races Lucas and they talk about what happened to Han. Tie up some loose ends in Tokoyo then head it to europe where the movie will end and set the stage for for part 6. Don’t know what hollywood has stored for it and don’t even wanna speculate just hope if the Europe rumor is real get some cars besides mercedes and beamers in it like a cpl old school super cars dont know about ferrari tho the supra in part 1 smoked the black one they had in it lol. Maybe a couple Lambos or mclarens if they can afford it after paying the actors salaries. Just hope they dont turn an american muscle car into an import again that was ummmmmmm kinda messed up but still a little on the cool side.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think they shuold finish off tokyo drift in part 5 because we didnt get to see dom and sean race

  • Anonymous says:

    my bad thats really what chris said but i agree with him they should finish tokyo drift then go to europe

  • Anonymous says:

    i also agree with chris no efence but these people are lost

  • Oraceee says:

    100 % They will make a #5 look at rocky they mad a number 6 ! , its just a matter of when will they release it , like tokyo drift after that was realeasd fast and furious didnt come out till like 2 years or somthing like that , just cross your fingers ;)

  • Joey says:

    I heard #6 is already planned. In 6, Brian & Dom finally realize they’re in love. They get married and on their honeymoon they try to hijack a truck full of dildos but the truck driver turns out to be a queer-stomping lesbian and she makes them race….the loser must be killed. Man that one is going to be a thriller!

  • louis-t says:

    i seeing it being like the gumball 3000. its illegal form of racing with a big money prize, and it spossed to be set in europe. they race and party in some major citys.

  • anonymous says:

    hopefully in the 5th it wont be took away from the story line again like the 3rd one was. a new main character in tokyo, come on now. tokyo had nothing to do with the 1st or 2nd or 4th. the 4rd one was jus out there. hopefully the 5th wont be like that and will accually make sence like the 1st 2nd n 4th and have the same characters in it as b4. and doms sister in it. god i just hope it isnt just gonna be thrown in there like the 3rd one. god i hope not

  • james says:

    is there defo going to be a 5th one i hope there is i loved all the films loved the 4th just didnt like the way it ended magic film if there was a hundred films made id buy them all ……….

  • Aleks says:

    I can’t wait for the fifth movie which better be the best and makes sense from previous movies more muscle cars included it should have something 2 do with the second one or fourth one that would be awesome and everyone would love it…………………it will change many people…………………………is what I think

  • Ryan says:

    It would be sweet to see a fifth one, but they left tokyo drift open too as well as 4. also they have an actor in 4 they was killed in tokyo drift; how does that work out lol but i can’t wait

  • fREShKiiDd says:

    i think that f&f4 was just like a sequalor flash back of tokyo drift they just threw it out there to get the story straight on how han and dom new eachother.. personally i think that f&f5 sould lead off n tokyo where dom and sean race, dom loses the race. after the race dom and sean talk about han and how he was involved with tekashi(the former dk) and the jakuza cause remember that han and tekashi where supposably partners. sean really dosent know everything that was going on since he was bearly getting to know han before he was killed, but luckly neela seans new girlfriend new everything that was going on since she used to date tekashi so she tells dom and sean about some evil plot the jakusa had planned out and according to her the jakusa had sent some of the jakusa gang members to the usa(the asian gang in the first movie) after she tells them this they find out that tekashi is still aroud and is trying to get revenge on sean so dom decides to help sean protect him self, they find out that they are going to need some help because there is to many jakus having tekasi’s back so this is where vin calls in brian for help so brian calls up ty and they fly out to tokyo along with mia to help out sean and dom. im the process off the movie they find out that braga was actually working with the jakusa and they had all faked letties death in order to bring dom back after he had fleed in the first f&f (the jakuza wanted dom’s head for interfiering with the people they had sent to the u.s with i had mentioned earlier that it was the asian gang). thus makeing that they have letty help captive somewhere during this neela finds out that letty was her mom (cause rememeber how neela had said that her mom had died linking this to lettys death or so they thought she was dead) (adding this would add more suspense to the movie). after this sean,dom,ty, and brain go into a major race war with the jakuza with alot of shooting and suspense. afetr sean,dom,ty and brian wipe the floor with the jakuza they find out that letty is being held some where in europe so that is when sean,neela,ty,mia,brian, and dom head down there to try and rescue her and that is where it cuts off so that they willleave it open for a f&f6 which should take lace somewhere in europe. p.s i think that they sould use the stars all the stars that where used in the first four movies such as lucas black, vin diesel, tyrese gibson, paul walker, nathalie kelley, and Jordana Brewster. that would be one sick ass movie.

  • nathan says:

    they should have dk come back and kill sean

  • dave says:

    it should definatly be in europe perhaps covering a few countries, definatly somewhere in the uk, perhaps up north? . they should also keep as many of the original characters as possible including sean from 3. but universal need to keep it mainly tuners that we all know and love , skylines, supras and such although i enjoyed the presance of the bmw in 4 . ive loved all 4 guys keep it going!!

  • Marcus says:

    I hop fast and furious 5 is good and cool ass 4 was ….

  • Anonymous says:

    If Ther is a part 5 wut kind of cars. would it start from were the fourth movie start i think the endeing of the fourth movie was hot ..

  • If Ther is a part 5 wut kind of cars. would it start from were the fourth movie start i think the endeing of the fourth movie was hot ..

  • Anonomyous says:

    Vin and Paul where good and The Dodge Charger that Dominic Toretto’s dad built was smokin’ hot but I wouldn’t mind to have the 900 horses in that car in mine

  • clowe says:

    5 better not suck cous if it dous i will blow my 1968 camero engine and leave it in the middle of no wear and if i do you can have a nise looken camero but no f’n engine

  • U#[email protected]#T%& says:


  • Anonymous says:

    either way you all will go to see it and they will make money

  • adrift says:

    In the movie fast and the furious, why is Han lue still alive. He’s already dead in the movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Is it a flash back or something? Could you please clear this up…

  • adrift says:

    In the movie fast and the furious, why is Han lue still alive? He’s already dead in the movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Is it a flash back or something? Could you please clear this up…

  • Russell Anderson says:

    They Better make a new one

  • Frankie says:

    you folks need to add some more racing and acuras like rsx and integra anyways im so exicted for this new movie..

  • Lauralee says:

    Hey f&f 5 better have a sexy skyline!… Great movie…

  • james says:

    id love to see another fast and the furious take place in tokyo again.
    fast and the furious tokyo drift was awsome.

  • Shawn says:

    i luved the 4th instalment of the fast and the furious series and i really hope that they make another 5th part.

  • HEMI says:

    hey love 4th fast and furious i hope that paul walker is in the next one

  • sav bhandari says:

    i hate how everybodies like i hope it leaves off from the other one i mean are u stupid???? the 4th movie ( fast and furious) takes place before the third ( tokyo drift)……….. so basically in the ending of the fourth the continuation was that they free torretto and he leaves to japan if they make a fitfh it cant start from the ending of the fourth………retards

  • r2k says:

    first they have to finish the dom’s escape and then they have to go to tokyo end the drift part (i loved it).

    then they can go to europe or brazil

    i hope that vin diesel, paul walker, michelle rodriguez and tyrese gibson enter this fifth movie

    and i hope to that jordana brewster enter to(i know that she died but she can show up, i hope so)…

  • Anonymous says:

    it would be awesome if all the main characters from these fast and furious movies were to somehow meet and challenge each other 2 all kinds of racing including some drifting. oh yeah, m. rodriguez faked her death.

  • JORDAN says:

    is thare going to be a number 5

  • Corey says:

    They need to make one with trucks like the silverado ss ford lightning and dodge gtxs and rumblebees and mini trucks.

  • Dane says:

    first of all R2K your a moron.. Michelle Rodriquez is “Letty”, Jordana Brewster was Mia Torreto shes Doms sister and yes they will be making a 5th F&F.
    For those that dont understand if you buy all four movies you will get the timeline straight. The 1st movie ends with Vince being airlifted to a hospital near Palm Springs, Dom tells Brain when he shows up at the house that Leon n Letty are gone. Then Jesse shows up out front freaking out and the Chinese do a drive by on wannabe dirtbikes, shooting and killing Jesse so Dom and Brian chase em down and have the drag race at the tracks where Dom screws up the Charger, then Brian hears the sirens of the coming cops and hands over the keys to the Supra and the movie ends Dom fleeing to Mexico, Brian then takes off to Miami where he meets Luda and starts the syndicate for the 2nd one. Now comes the gap that no one knows what happens but leads to the 4th one. (Somehow Brian links back up with the bureau) We all know what happens with this one. Han flees to Tokyo in the beginning before “Letti” MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ is murdered (this is the first time he has left the US). Then the movie ends with Brian, Mia, and Tego and Don, rolling up on the prison bus taking Dom to Lompoc for his 25 year sentence. Now comes into the picture Tokyo Drift the 3rd F&F. This one is a lil confusing but Dom comes in at the end after Han has died in the race that leads Sean to racing DK down the mountain. That movie is the opening that most likely will be used for the 5th installment.
    No to agree with many of you on here that talk about how using muscle cars to race is stupid well you may be right but im someone who uses a /79 Pontiac Trans Am with a ballsy 455 Rocket V8 motor to drift race. I have raced with a ’91 Mitsubishi 3000GT, a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X. I’ve even used a 2007 Pontiac G6 4 door sedan. So dont try and say that muscle cars cant race or that you know anything about really racing a car. Unless you have the balls to back it up and prove it then shut it. I am here in SoCal and i will back it up whenever i need to. I have dragged on Fontana Dragstrip, i have drifted I-5 in LA during the day, i have even raced all of my cars in the desert so i know what it takes to really race so if you dont have the balls or the nerve to really race then please just shut up.
    Now back to the movies the 5th installment will be intense and luckily for many of us they will be doing casting calls within the next year so man up and try.

  • ryder says:

    chill out it just a movie just enjoy

  • Charlie says:

    If they are doing Part 5, then hopefully it will be what Toretto has been doing after they broke him out at the end in 4. We know part 3 was a sequel to part 4 (Part 4 being a prequel to part 3), because Toretto mentioned Han at the end of 3.

  • Jay says:

    if you guys are honestly going to make a fast and furious 5.. go with the story line and continue in tokyo. give us some flashbacks of how vin diesel or han got there. show us the end to wat happened when vin and sean started the last race. tokyo drift was my favorite of them all. drifting shows true control over a car.

  • penis says:

    they ruined fast and furious 4 with to much cgi and fbi cut scenes.

    i felt like i was watching a movie about the fbi….

    unless they can pull off something like tokyo drift i dont think i would want to see ff5.

  • penis says:

    obviously ff4 takes place before tokyo drift you f* morons.

    as han says to vin “i hear they are doin some crazy shit in tokyo” indicating that they have not been to tokyo yet durrrrr.

    everyone is a fugitive now even brian (again) lol of course they are going to flee the u.s. to japan or europe because their is simply no other way to make ff5.

  • Manic Mike says:

    QUOTE: April 5, 2009
    the next one should be in tokyo where sean and han teach brian how to drift. Vin diesle will get out and go to tokyo and creat all the stuff again and he will get into imports instead of muscles.

    Uhhh….. no

  • fastandfurious5 says:

    Brian and the rest of the team will get Dom off of the bus, but because of all the other inmates on-board others will escape also. At which point Brian will be held responsible and will have to quit workin’ with the feds.

    Dom will go to Tokyo and will go after yakuza, and the old takashi.

  • christian says:

    i want to download the movie the step father

  • oscar says:


  • Blake northern says:

    The fast and furious movies were amazing they HAVE too come out with more. because you should’nt end movies when it ends with more too the movie. they should make 2 more. 1 that takes place after 4 and 1 that takes place after 3. i think you should make more then 2 more tho!!!!!!! i would love to c more of thoughs movies because its my favorit set of movies!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!! thanks.

  • sup says:

    I hope the new one comes out before 2012. LOL

  • Hi Guys & Girls

    The only idea i can think of,since an year in the 5th part this merchandise The bad guy from part 2 u know 2 Fast 2 Furious the drug dealer came out from jail went to Europe & mad tons & tons of money & Vin well be there like laying low from the cops from U.S. of course FBI will choose Paul & he choose Tyrese they go to europe they get nice super cars but they need a different car & extra wheel man coincidentally win diesel will be there they meet Paul & Tyrese then u can figure it out thats my idea

  • Matt luna says:

    i wonder what happend to bullets custom silver and blue r34 custom and did rome&brain open there shop and in this movie i would like to see scion tc’s, Some XD’s, 10 Corolla xrs, acura RSX ,10 mustang gt,Skyline gtr R35&34,370z ,Supra, celica’s,08 Civc Si ,STI and EVO X&9

  • debbie says:

    k ben een groot fan van de fast and furious
    ik heb 1 al zo’n 13 keer gezien 2 zo’n 35 keer 3 zo’n 11 keer en 4 al zo’n 19 keer gezien…
    en k kijk al heel lang uit naar het 5e deel .
    de meeste mensen die k ken zeggen dat k verslaafd aan die films raak, haha
    maar dat is helemaal niet zo en ze zeggen ook dat deel 5 niet leuk zal zijn omdat ze deel 4 niet leuk vonden.
    maar hallo k vind dat een beetje raar en k zou als k 5 al heel vaak heb gazien wel weer een deel 6 willen hebben.
    bij deel twee ken k de halve tekst zo’n beetje uit mijn hoofd, dus mischien hebben ze wel gelijk maar k vind het gewoon vet stoere en coole films…


  • Anonymous says:

    who ever thinks tha fast and furious movies are stupid or not well made is a f* idiot look at how much money they made.

  • Driscoll says:

    Ok i just read somone say that a tunnel from mexico to america was a part of an unbelievable storyline i ask that you dont be a f* moron anymore i know of 3 such tunnels reported found and used to trancfer imagrants and drugs so yes the storyline of the 4th film is believable. Also the border patrol has a name for people who try to drive drugs/ people acrost the border they are called simply “runners”

  • edgey09 says:

    hang on a minute the fourth one happened before the third what happens i think is bragas boss was carter verone who takes monica to europe rome cant help her alone and suki and tej need help aswell so brian, dom (if they get him out), mia tego and the other guy go to europe to help rome out sean comes over from tokyo with dom and they go after verone thats what i think cos verones car is a porsche 911 which would do well in the fifth movie

  • Kim says:

    did ahyone see the ending?! hello!!! of course there’s going to be a 5th one!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The hell wit gibson.. Dat dude suck at actin and has no clue about car tunin wuts so ever… But for sure its gonna be a good movie number 5

  • y3k says:

    i think it would be great to see a 5th fast and furious movie i mean paul and vin did excellent in the last movie it would be great to see them race one last time oh and get the people from the other movies in it get the guy from the 2nd one and the guy from the 3rd one have them all race to see once and for all who’s the ultimate racer thanks.

  • jared says:

    hey i wont to know if ur going to make a fast and furiours 5 ok

  • kostis says:

    i would to say a big thanks to universal movies which prsendes the fast and furious movies…i would say that the film it could be filmed in my country greece but i am so happy that it is going to be filmed in europe THANKS UNIVERSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Braddebad says:

    brian o’conner (paul walker)and dom (vin deisel) are quality drivers and i really love the nissan skyline gt-r r34 that rocks and the way it ends its brilliant but i do think brian (paul) should quit his cop job then it would make it more exciting. I have all 4 on dvd and hopefully soon it would be 5!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i love fast and furious. f*** all the people who think its shit. especially that hasagawa asshole. the haters just dont know anything about cars do they. this movie was made for people who know cars

  • miguel says:

    te la mamo si kieres vin dicel

  • Identical Worm says:

    ok ua racer u are a total fukn retarded 4 one goes back in time then forwards

  • Graham says:

    You know what they should REALLY DO…….. Ditch the whole friggin lot. And just start again.

    New faces, fresh storylines…. Im no film maker but this franchise is getting stale. I dunno, why not have a story about someone that wants to be a racer, (s)he cant for whatever reason go professional (but thats the main aim) so (s)he goes underground street racing. You get the idea…. its fresh, brings something new. This franchise is old and stale.

    I was absolutely obsessed when FF1 came out. Loved all of them (2 was cheese) but the newest one was the biggest let down… It was too much talk and fighting, not enough cars and racing which is what this movie is supposed to be about…And the cars sucked….Skyline..Done it, The impreza, what a lame car to choose.

    Regardless of what everyone else thinks, im right haa

  • justin gill says:

    weres the trailer

  • Selena.W says:

    they going to make the new fast 5 in Brazil.Its so funny i cant wait:) whit love/Selena.W

  • Selena.W says:

    cekpoint i love FTF fast and furious 1 2fast2furious
    the fast and the furious “Tokyo drift“ and fast furious 4 but this COOL

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope they do

  • Anonymous says:

    so do i

  • teesa thorpe says:

    I am so hoping that a fifth Fast and Furious movie is going to be made because i wnat to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make a FIFTH MOVIE!!!!!!!

  • callum says:

    They should make one like 2 fast 2 furious, that one was the best of all, bring back Tyresse (Roman Pearce)

  • Anonymous says:

    r u going make a new movie r wat

  • baby green says:

    listen guys…all the movies r good…but ya gotta see babies…im tellin ya

  • jordan says:

    i hope they do make another fast and the furious they are the best moves out there

  • oscar sandoval says:

    i have seen all the fast and the furioust moovies i just wish they make a number five

  • Jackson says:

    If there’s gonna be another fast and the furious….it def gonna have 2 have my baby n it…..tired of seeing unbelievably outpriced cars sooped up….hot bout we put a 1990 Honda Crx n it! Yea mane got 2….

  • james hall says:

    i have seen all fast and furious movies and i hop that they make min mory

  • suyog says:

    this will be very fast. m waitin from long time…….craz

  • reddog23 says:

    I think they should show how dom got off the police bus then go over to japan to finish it off

  • James says:

    indeed a new film coming summer 2011…

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently began filming the new Fast & Furious movie. Johnson plays a US Marshal who goes to Brazil to bring back the characters played by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The movie is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011

  • D0dger says:

    Yes!!Lucas Black and Tyrese Gibson are in it :D see wikipidia!!

  • Marvin says:

    i think where the movie is going is good but they should add Carter verone on this movie. the plot is simple dom,roman, brian, mia, and everyone else trying to stop carter verone and dwayne “the rock” johnson comes into the picture to bring back dom and brian but gets tangled in the whole situation of carter verone. dom gets a new girlfriend and mia and brian get even closer

  • Joe says:

    That would be cool to see another fast and furious movie. I hope that show how they break Dom out from the bus, and also how he got to Tokyo because he made an appearance at the end of Tokyo drift wanting to race Sean.

  • says:

    i think they should bring back evryone that is not dead and sean from tokyo drift in the the fith one but i is not set in tokyo is in europe os somethong like that

  • Mark.F says:


  • peter says:

    i hope they have vindiesel in it an i love it when brian use’s the skylines an carnt wait for the fith part to come out so far number 2 was the best.

  • Anonymous says:

    all of the fast and the furius were good i think the thrid could be better. I go along with Brandons idea though.

  • Anonymous says:


  • tonia says:

    ok some of yall dont know the movies that well. if you watched the credit you see vin in mexico. paul and tyrese team up in 2 and his charges are forgiven. in drift which was the stupidest one of them all vin was in the last scene. which brings us to 4 the best plot sequence yet. it could have ended better cause in 5 they break him out. europe though? id like to see it here in the states…..pisses the cops off but who cares right?

  • leo says:

    hello everybody if there going to make a fast&furious 5 is that movie going to be renamed of Faster & Furiouser?

  • paul walker says:

    hey in the 5th movie im driving a nissan skyline gtr proto vins drivin a plymouth in honer of letty and tyrease is drivin a porch911 turbo oh yeah

  • fiona says:

    I can’t wait to see it bring on number 5 lol x

  • fiona says:

    what date is it going to be released paul? x

  • rockett says:

    Any fool that says they’ve drifted I-5 in the day time is full of sh*t. And how the hell is a G6 a muscle car dumbass….it’s a 6 cyl moped….he’s calling anyone a moron?…schmuck!

  • ana annie azares says:

    wow i will watch these movie i promise they all my favorates hunk and handsome guyy

  • Katie says:

    I’m watching Fast five Right now and I know the next one is going to be better than the last and i hope they show lettie face in this one that would make it the best and last installment ever #ijs

  • Emre says:


  • frank says:

    amelia heinle from the young and the restless wll guest star on csi ny amelia heinle will be playing as gwen forrest in csi ny

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