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Trailer & Poster For Action Thriller 2 DEAD 2 KILL

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Trailer & Poster For Action Thriller 2 DEAD 2 KILL

2 Dead 2 Kill In case you’re not so familiar with the title, let us first inform you that 2 Dead 2 Kill is an upcoming action thriller directed by Michael J. Hach. The pic has quite interesting cast on board (read: Robert Costanzo, Costas Mandylor and Valery Ortiz are all in), and revolves around a street warrior in search of millions of dollars of stolen heroin. Or, something like that. Head inside to check out the trailer & let us know what you think.. 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 01 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 02 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 08 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 03 Written by Michael J. Hach and Roland Zaleski, the movie will tell us the story of a drug addicted former narcotic agent (known on the street as Mason Jars) who finds a journal that holds the key to the whereabouts of millions of dollars worth of heroin.
Check out the rest of the plot:
The man that hid the journal has just been torn to shreds by a drug kingpin’s Doberman Pinscher. Along with a beautiful dancer, (whose father happened to be the man that stole and hid the drugs), … they suddenly find themselves in a race against time to find the drugs and return them, before they become the next casualties of the crazed drug kingpin.
2 Dead 2 Kill Image 04 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 05 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 06 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 07 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 09 2 Dead 2 Kill Image 10 Beside the above mentioned names, 2 Dead 2 Kill cast also includes Al Tagliaferri as Mason Jars, Michael Lerner and Louis Lombardi, and the movie is set to hit theaters on January 1st, 2014. As usual – click on all these images & poster to take a better look, and stay tuned for more updates! 2 Dead 2 Kill Poster
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