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20 New Images From Kitamura’s Horror NO ONE LIVES, Starring Luke Evans & Adelaide Clemens!

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20 New Images From Kitamura’s Horror NO ONE LIVES, Starring Luke Evans & Adelaide Clemens!

NO ONE LIVES Movie No one runs, no one escapes… Well actually, we’re here for No One Lives, an upcoming horror thriller which comes from director Ryuhei Kitamura (yep, The Midnight Meat Train helmer) and stars Luke Evans and Adelaide Clemens in the leading roles. I mean, we finally have a decent look at the movie which premiered this September at Toronto International Film Festival, but is (unfortunately) still without an official release date (January 2013 is expected, though). NO ONE LIVES Image 01 Let us start this horror story by saying that David Cohen is responsible for the script which follows a gang of ruthless highway killers who kidnap a wealthy couple only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem. NO ONE LIVES Image 02 Beside the above mentioned Evans (great Evans by the way!) and Clemens, the rest of the No One Lives cast also includes America Olivo, Beau Knapp, Derek Magyar, George Murdoch, Laura Ramsey, Lee TergesenRob Steinberg and Dalton Gray. NO ONE LIVES Image 03
A brutal massacre leaves fourteen students dead and the local police without a clue as to the whereabouts of young heiress Emma (Clemens), who may be the sole survivor. Many months later, a clan of backwoods bandits, headed by stern patriarch Hoag (Tergesen), runs a vacationing couple (Evans and Ramsey) off the road in a routine highway robbery, only to discover the frightened Emma in the couple’s custody. The bandits think they’ve hit the jackpot, given the promise of a hefty reward for Emma’s rescue — but it turns out these gangster yokels are rank amateurs who have kicked a hornet’s nest. Soon enough, everyone is sent running for their lives from an even greater danger than they could have imagined.
Click on the images for a better look: NO ONE LIVES Image 04 NO ONE LIVES Image 05 NO ONE LIVES Image 06 NO ONE LIVES Image 07 NO ONE LIVES Image 08 NO ONE LIVES Image 09 NO ONE LIVES Image 10 NO ONE LIVES Image 11 NO ONE LIVES Image 12 NO ONE LIVES Image 13 NO ONE LIVES Image 15 NO ONE LIVES Image 14 NO ONE LIVES Image 17 NO ONE LIVES Image 18 NO ONE LIVES Image 19 NO ONE LIVES Image 20 NO ONE LIVES Image 21 NO ONE LIVES Image 22 No One Lives is planned for a worldwide release in January 2013. When exactly – make sure you stay tuned and we promise that update! NO ONE LIVES Poster
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